Parowan Woman’s Cause of Death Remains Undetermined After Autopsy1 min read

By Tracie Sullivan

A Parowan woman’s cause of death remains a mystery after an autopsy failed to provide conclusive answers.

Robin Whittle, 62, was discovered unresponsive in her bedroom on New Year’s Eve, prompting an investigation by the Parowan Police Department.

According to a statement issued by the Parowan Police Department, the Utah State Office of the Medical Examiner has completed its report on Whittle’s death. However, the report was inconclusive, stating that the injuries observed did not point definitively to a specific cause of death.

“The injuries present do not align with a distinct mechanism and could result from various scenarios, such as a fall or intentional action,” the statement from the police department reads. “Thus, the precise manner of death remains undetermined at this juncture.”

Whittle’s husband, Mark Whittle, informed authorities that he had spent the night on the couch after both he and his wife had been up late preparing for their church duties the following morning. Robin Whittle was found with head injuries on the morning of December 31, 2023.

The Parowan Police Department initially treated the case as a potential aggravated murder investigation pending the results of the autopsy. Despite the lack of definitive conclusions, however, Chief Addison Adams told Iron County Today that the investigation remains open.

Whittle was a dedicated first-grade teacher at Iron Springs Elementary and is remembered fondly by her students and colleagues for her outstanding teaching skills and compassionate nature.

The Parowan Police Department encourages anyone with information relevant to the case to reach out to them at 435-477-3331.


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