By May Hunter

The Chamber of Commerce definition is a local organization that gathers business leaders working in the community. It provides a multitude of advantages, including networking opportunities, business support, marketing exposure, and community involvement, all of which are crucial for the survival and growth of a business.

It takes a village to raise a business. Anyone who has started a business that succeeds will tell you they could not have done it alone. All the motivation, perseverance, and hard work in the world can only take you so far. The Chamber of Commerce helps with advice, connections, referrals or just a sounding board, that is what they are there for. They give the strength to keep going. Standing alone as a small business can be disempowering. There is strength in unity-The Chamber of Commerce is always there to help.

The Cedar City Chamber of Commerce constantly strives to find more ways to meet the needs of their members. From providing training, helping people make connections, helping to promote their businesses, providing resources, to advocating for their businesses, and helping businesses grow and thrive is an ongoing quest.

Another important objective is providing networking opportunities. This is done through luncheons, ribbon cuttings, and business after hours. Many of their members are looking for entertaining ways to network, hence….Win It In A Minute. This activity was designed to help people engage with others in a fun and positive environment which helped build connections in an enjoyable and sometimes hilarious manner. This created an environment where everyone could just be themselves and get to know others without being salesy.

Based on the feedback they received, they are definitely planning on doing this again in the future. Several of the members in attendance expressed how much fun they had. They are pleased that this event allowed members to network in a fun and entertaining manner. Their next Win It In A Minute event will be held in the winter.

Cedar City Chamber of Commerce-To elevate business prosperity and encourage a healthy community!


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