Board appoints Tullis to finish term in District 62 min read

By Shauna Lund, Iron County School District

District 6 has a new representative on the Board of Education of Iron County School District. Michelle Lin Tullis was appointed with a vote of 6-1 to finish the term of Board Vice President Lauren Lewis, who is moving out of state. Tullis begins serving June 1.

Tullis is employed as a commercial lender with State Bank of Southern Utah. She has served on many boards including the Chamber of Commerce and Canyon Creek Services. She currently serves as the chair for the Iron County Planning Commission.

During her interview with the board, Tullis said she was interested in serving as “a voice of reason” while representing taxpayers and families. She added that it is important to her to ensure that the well being and quality education of students is foremost in every decision made by the board.

Tullis said she is aware of the time it takes to serve in the position and will do her homework when considering the important decisions school boards face. Speaking of the narrowly defeated 2023 Bond initiative, Tullis said she realizes the need is still there and would like to be instrumental in finding solutions to accomplish those needs.

Speaking of her vision of the school board member role, Tullis recognized the oversight the board has with the district’s spending of taxpayer dollars as well as hiring and evaluating the superintendent.

“A school board member also sets an example of the culture and values of the school district and holds themselves to a higher standard because of the trust placed in them to serve,” she said.

Tullis added that if she was appointed to the board, she would work to develop relationships with her fellow board members to better understand the perspectives each brings to the table.

Seven individuals residing within Precinct 6 applied to be considered for Lewis’ replacement. Along with Tullis, Kristen Clark, Amy Gibson, Adam Hahn, Christopher Monson, Brandt Parker and Nathan Slaughter also interviewed.

Board member Stephanie Hill said there was pretty much a consensus that any one of the candidates would have been an exceptional board member.


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