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Cedar City Rotary Club Celebrates 100 Years of Service with Groundbreaking for Canyon Park Upgrades and New Water Features2 min read

By Tessa Douglas, Cedar City Rotary Club

April 23, 2024- After six years of planning, the COVID years, a building boom and two long winters, fundraising, and RAP-Tax and Utah Office of Outdoor Recreation funding requests, work has commenced on exciting all-abilities upgrades to Cedar City’s Canyon Park west side, brought about through a collaboration between the Cedar City Rotary Club and Cedar City Corporation. This park project is one of several ways the Club is celebrating its 100-year anniversary.
The Rotary Club broke ground during their weekly meeting on April 23. In addition to Rotarians, (see list) were also in attendance. Park upgrades will include a playground, accessible water play, and equipment and signage designed to educate children about Iron County’s history and heritage of water use. Although a small portion of grass will be removed, the long-standing cottonwood trees will remain, a concern that was brought up during the planning phase. In addition, the Rotary has received a grant from Trees Utah to plant additional trees in this park and others.
“We have been working on this project for multiple years in order to plan effectively and to raise enough money to adequately fund it. The new additions will allow children of all abilities to enjoy the water play Canyon Park is known for, and will provide shade and other safety and comfort features that don’t currently exist there,” said Sue Longson, Cedar City Rotarian and co-chair of the Canyon Park committee.
Paul Monroe, Cedar City Rotarian and General Manager of the Central Iron County Water Conservancy District, added “we’ve been asked about building a new park in other parts of the county and piping water in, which would be incredible but also very expensive and water intrusive. By adding these new features to Canyon Park, we are able to get the biggest return on investment and add to an already amazing local park.”

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