By May Hunter

On Friday, June 21, Southwest Tech held the Firefighter Graduation Class of 2024, at the Southwest Tech Cedar City Utah Campus.
In the last year and a half, they have graduated 45 Firefighters from their program. The next class will start on July 9th and run for 23 weeks ending on December 18th. The career path to become a firefighter starts at Southwest Technical College. The Firefighter program provides a practical and intense training, equipped to handle adrenaline pumping situations while protecting the community. During the rigorous training, they learn to assess emergency situations, prioritize risks, preserve property and ultimately save lives! To get the International Fire Service Accreditation Council Certification, they are taught in the classroom and in realistic, hands-on experience with live fires, vehicle extrication, and rescue operations. They are all EMT Certified.
Firefighter Graduation Ceremony, Class of June, 2024 Program:
● Opening remarks by Gail Goodman, Director of Health Professions and Public Safety. Class Presentation, Brayden Crapo, Class Speaker.
● Guest Speaker, Mike Niemann, Ogden City Fire.
● Badge Pinning Ceremony, Chief Adam Scott, Program Coordinator.
● Oath of Service, Chief Adam Scott, Program Coordinator.
● Maltese Cross Presentation, Richard Carter, New Harmony Fire.
● Closing Remarks, Gail Goodman, Director or Health Professions and Public Safety.
CONGRATULATIONS to all the graduates!
Firefighters motto-“Safety first, always.” “Our duty is your protection.” “Courage, commitment, and community, “ and “Fighting flames, saving lives.”


I will uphold the standards of
my profession, continually
searching for new and improved
methods of serving the people,
and will share my knowledge
and skills with my colleagues
and descendants. I will never
allow my personal feelings, nor
danger to self, deter me from
my responsibilities as a



Southwest Technical College Firefighter Instructors: From left to right Blake Saine, Adam Scott, Mike Niemann, Richard Carter.
Middle Row right to left: Michael Clark, Dakota Glaze, Cameron Sanderson, Elijah Storms, Braydon Crapo, Kai Beckstrand, Taye Beckstrand.
Top Row from right to left: Miles Chadwick, Brance Chesley, Dillion Harris, Kade Ashworth, Amber Snyder, Heston Wimmer, Bryson Kleinman, Derek Sorenson.


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