Table tennis brings the fun, competition at USG1 min read

By Tom Zulewski

Bruce Majors has been around the game of table tennis since he was 6 years old thanks to his father’s coaching at a club in Salt Lake City for nearly 40 years. On June 15, Majors returned to the lead role and brought the game for “around 35 to 40 people ” at different age levels and divisions for a Utah Summer Games round-robin tournament held inside the Sorensen PE building on the SUU campus.

“There’s a big misconception about this game with the garage next to the pool table. It’s very fast, faster than football and tennis. You’re close to the table, and you have to be quick and agile to move around a lot,” Majors said.

Majors competed in the open division that featured a round-robin tournament and best-of-5 matches in the with games to 11 points with a two-point margin to win. He lost a two-game lead in his semifinal match, but held on to win Game 5. He played through a minor injury and was swept in the final match, falling 12-10 in Game 3 after losing an 8-4 lead.

Still, the end result for everyone was good, clean fun in a comfortable indoor environment. Majors is hopeful the turnout for the 2025 edition of the USG will continue to grow.


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