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The Rut Less Traveled: Ready or Not, Here I Come!
by Corey Baumgartner Iron County Today
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Graduation season is coming to a close and our children will be making their way across the school stage to their new stages of life. There will be cheers, tears and even fears for their new challenges, lessons and responsibilities. I remember those days well. They were challenging, but enjoyable and I wouldn’t trade them. However, sometimes I wonder what it would be like to go back to the days of my youth and just enjoy life more, being care-free, but not careless. I remember playing games (the outside kind) like tag and capture the flag. I also remember hide-and-seek, and that anxious feeling of anticipation as the person who was ‘it’, closed their eyes, hopefully, and counted while everyone else frantically ran to find that perfect hiding spot before they heard the petrifying words, “Ready or not, here I come”. The counter became the hunter; searching everywhere, listening and looking for anything out of place; a crooked couch cushion, or a door not completely shut. Any clue that could provide a tipoff in tracking their concealed comrades.

I realize most of us are graduated and grown up, but do you ever feel like you’re playing hide-and-seek with your life? Do you feel like all you’re doing is counting and searching for a happiness that seems to have a new hiding spot every day? Are you discouraged that your dreams haven’t been behind the doors or couches where you were sure they would be? It’s frustrating when life seems more like seeking than finding. You can throw in the proverbial towel and yell, “Olly olly oxen free!” hoping that the perfect friends, spouse, job, hidden talents, etc. will come out of their hiding spots and reveal themselves, but often, your searching seems in vain.

Maybe you’re so tired of counting and searching that you think hiding is the best and safest way to play the game of life? But as you stay hidden, life will pass you by. Maybe you’re counting all the times you’ve come up short, made bad choices, or let misunderstandings burn the bridges you now need to cross? Stop focusing on the empty places, dead-ends and burned bridges.

Just because you haven’t found what you’re looking for on the first few, or many, attempts doesn’t mean you should give up. It’s time to stop honing your hiding skills and improve your seeking skills. It’s time to start counting less and seeking more. You will start finding. I know it’s tough to keep looking and believing that what you’re seeking is still out there. It might take a little time, but don’t give up. It’s your time to find who and what you’ve been searching for. Stop counting, open your eyes and let yourself and everyone else know that you’re not giving up. Today, no matter what stage of life you are crossing, open your heart and your mind and shout, “Ready or not, here I come!”

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The Rut Less Traveled: Ready or ...

11 days ago
by Corey Baumgartner Iron County Today
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