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THE RUT LESS TRAVELED: Happy Administrative Professional’s Day
by Corey B.
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Today is the day when we honor each of the administrative professionals in our lives. And by lives, I mean the places where we feel like we spend most of our lives, at work. However, no matter where we work, there is usually someone behind the scenes making it all run more smoothly for us. Whether it’s keeping the temperature cozy, making sure the wi-fi connections are working, or making sure we get a paycheck, (etc. etc. etc. etc.) the rest of us in the workplace would be out of place without these professional people.

Once called secretaries, though in politically correct circles, that term is thought of as demeaning or undermining, these talented men and women continue to find their sanctuaries in cubicles and offices; often barely big enough for a desk, computer, phone, filing cabinet, candy jar and a potted plant. Yet, upon these small, but sacred grounds, where all too often their office and break-room are the same place, these admirable administrators find a way to work modern-day miracles.

With so much responsibility upon their shoulders, they routinely provide the back-bone and back-up to every business they serve within our community. Whether typing a memo, taking messages, on the phone, on the computer, faxing, filing and trying to stay smiling; their skills with co-workers, other humans, multi-tasking and organizing are unmatched. They truly are the superheroes of the workplace.

We should take a moment this week and marvel at their superpowers, which few can (or have) surpassed. Their daily heroics are both bona fide and certified.

Therefore, wherever you work as an admin-pro, please know that you truly make the other side of the desk, wall, or cubicle run more smoothly and effectively. Just because people don’t seem to show or say it, or who unwisely think that your pay-check is ample appreciation, please continue to do your best knowing you truly are making a difference! You give new meaning to the title, administrative professional. Therefore, today, and every day, you are very appreciated for your dedication.

To the rest of us, let us raise our water-bottles, coffee mugs, memos and post-its to our administrative professionals. Let us celebrate those without whose work, which may often feel like it’s behind the scenes, we would be lost, overwhelmed and underperforming in the land of schedules, voice-mails, e-mails and dead-lines.

And remember, when work gets dark and dreary, don’t forget to keep calm and talk to the secre…I mean, the administrative professional. I’d say go give them a hug, but I wouldn’t want you to get in trouble with Human Resources, or fired for such workplace heresy! Finally, regardless of how we address them, we need them. We appreciate them and I hope we will continue to do so the other 364 days of the year.

Yes, even on holidays and the weekends because a great administrative professional is irreplaceable. Those are the fax! Thank you to each one of you!

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