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THE RUT LESS TRAVELED: The G.I.F.T.S. of Gratitude
by Corey B.
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When was the last time you truly felt gratitude for someone or something in your life? Gratitude is more than an obliged gesture of saying, Thank You. It's a heartfelt feeling that adds depth and breadth to your appreciation. However, when we get too busy it’s easy to forget to be grateful. Busyness blinds us to the wonderful gifts given to us each day. When we forget, or forgo showing gratitude to ourselves and to others, we can be dragged into the rut of ingratitude.

Ingratitude is a steep and slippery sloped rut. When you're stuck in it you can feel worthless, forgotten and bitter at yourself and the world. You feel like everyone and everything is against you and you're not worth it to anyone, including yourself. You stop trusting people and stop showing love and being receptive to those who love you. Ingratitude will not only keep you stuck in that rut, it will bury you there. Your own unwillingness to be thankful, even for the air you breathe, will eventually suffocate you and cause more suffering as you sink further downward into a life of self-centeredness and selfishness.

When you sink into that rut and lose your emotional altitude it's more difficult to have an attitude of gratitude. But, if you will take a few moments each day to think about what you’re thankful for, I’m confident you will see a change in your life and your relationships, both on the inside and the outside. This begins with learning to see the gifts you are surrounded with every day. You will see that life is full of gifts. Even life itself is a gift that is so often taken for granted until it's threatened or gone. Thankfully, we don’t have to wait to begin being grateful for life.

Some gifts that I believe can apply to each of us in some way, include: God, Integrity, Family, Friends, Time, Talents, Treasures and Service. These are gifts to cherished and shared by all, no matter who or where we are. These gifts can lift us and others out of our ruts and back onto solid ground. As we share our gifts and our gratitude we will regain the altitude and attitude we need to live a better life; a life we can truly be thankful for.

I hope you will recognize your gifts and even realize some gifts you have forgotten about or haven’t seen before. I also hope you will add your own gifts of gratitude to the list as you strive to give and receive thanks in your life. Begin by being thankful you're alive and be thankful you have the choice to live better each day. Even if you feel trapped by addiction or imprisoned by your past, you can choose to begin again. Start with a simple, but heartfelt, Thank You. Don’t just say the words, live them! Your heart will know what to do from there.

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