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The Rut Less Traveled: Landing Gear
by Corey B.
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Last week I attempted to alleviate your apprehensions and apathy about jumping from the ledges of life and into your future. After all, life is full of ledges to jump from and if you don't learn to leap, your dreams and your happiness will always seem to be out of reach. Sometimes you have to just jump! But if you’re going to leap, you’ve also got know how to land.

Leaping and landing are just the beginnings of your new life. While at first, both seem like life crushing crucibles, they are both crucial to your success and happiness. Leaping gets you off the ledges—out of your comfort zones—and gives you a new direction; other than the familiar one of turning back. Landing gives you the momentum and confidence to continue forward to your next ledge, or to be more positive, your next launch pad!

Those who make such a leap of faith must be wise enough to have faith in the landing, too. You wouldn’t fly aboard an airplane that wasn’t equipped with landing gear, right? It’s the same way with your life. You may even be wondering, “Why not just build a bridge”?

There are great lessons to be learned from both leaping and from building bridges. However, from my own experiences in jumping—whether it’s over ruts or canyons—I feel more confidence and motivation after having had to believe in myself enough to jump, rather than simply walking across to the other side on a bridge. It’s during those challenges of change where I learned my greatest lessons. True, we all need bridges to help us sometimes—especially if we’re too tired to jump—but when there are no bridges and no time to build them, we need to have the courage to jump.

What kind of landing gear will you need to make your jump a success? It’s the same gear you need to make your legendary leaps. You must believe that what’s in your heart is worth leaving your feet for. And that after you have landed, your faithful feet will take your heart where it needs to go next. Let your confidence be a catalyst to catapult you across your chasms of doubts and fears.

Yes, fear is still near. In fact, the same fear that warned you it was too far to jump, now tries to tell you that you shouldn’t have jumped in the first place and you should just jump back. Fear will always tell you that you might fall, until you jump. When you do jump, fear will tell you that you’re going to fail after landing. Ignore it and move your feet forward. Fear is what kept you on your ledges watching life pass you by; waiting for someone to build a bridge, or wishing you could do something, but were too afraid to try. Those days are past. You’re going to try until you fly! If not now, when?

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