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by Corey B.
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A survey conducted by Forbes reported that only 8 percent of New Year’s risk takers stay true to their resolutions. Franklin Covey reported that at least 35 percent of all New Year’s resolutions are broken by the end of January. I suspect the number is a bit higher since one doesn’t usually broadcast their broken bonds. Which statistic are you? How are you doing with your 2017 resolutions? Are you finding that they are easier made than mangled? Are you ready to give up and wonder why you made resolutions anyway?

Yes, you’ve courageously made your pledges and now stand on the ledges of new life; ready to jump across the canyons of confusion and into your future. However, for some reason you can’t quite jump. “What if you fall and fail again,” your mind reminds you mockingly. Intimidated by your past, your prior defeats seem to assure you of future failures if you jump. Now you’ve got cold feet and want to stay firmly planted on this side of your perilous predicaments. Maybe your doubts are right? Maybe you are too weak to stay committed and that jump is too far? Even if there is a better life waiting for you on the other side, you’ll never make it! Sound familiar?

There are worse things than falling and failing. When you fall, you can get back up and try again. When you fail, you hopefully learn from your mistakes and jump smarter and farther next time. However, always living your life on the ledge—leaning, but never leaping—can cause more missed memories and regrets than anything else. Too many people live their lives on the edges of hope and happiness, but are never willing to jump. They may occasionally peer over the edge, but feel it’s safer to stay stuck on the ledge than it is to press their luck and jump. Don’t be one of those peering people. While it may seem easier to make pledges from the ledges of your life, they will mean nothing if you don’t make the jump and follow through into your future. Stop wasting time and energy worrying about the fall and start focusing more on your life’s call.

My counsel to any of you who now stand on the ledges of life—overlooking the canyons of confusion and wondering if you’ll ever make it across—is to stop. Stop standing, staring and stalling. Stop worrying about the height and start listening to your heart. Stop looking down and stop looking backwards. Fear has postponed your future long enough. Don’t let apathy amputate your ambition anymore. I know the other side seems too far, but it's not the distance, it’s your resistance to believe in yourself. It’s time to turn your ledges into legends not lamentations. I know this will sound cliché, but don’t look down. Keep your head up, look forward and just jump. If you need some wind beneath your wings, email me:

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