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Time to take a stand, send a message
by Louise R. Shaw
Dec 22, 2016 | 1266 views | 2 2 comments | 105 105 recommendations | email to a friend | print
I have an idea.

Let’s call it Plan B.

Because Plan A was to not elect Trump and though the majority of voters cooperated, not enough states did. What a system.

That makes a Plan B necessary.

And maybe Plans B1, B2, B3 and B4 and on because so many of his promises (read: threats) are more than disconcerting.

So Plan B1 can be for Utah to become a Sanctuary State.

Now that we’ve elected a man who talks about deporting millions of our law-abiding, hard-working, highly motivated neighbors, let’s find a way to keep them here even if it means overriding a presidential edict.

No one knows what Trump will do.

That’s a risk we apparently are willing to take – and when I saw “we” I don’t mean “me” because I wasn’t willing to make it but am stuck with it.

So here we are, along for the ride with a man in the driver’s seat who changes direction at the drop of a whim and who has no regard for other drivers on the road and whose reckless driving has caused problems in the past and will certainly cause more in the future. Not to mention the potential for road rage.

Back to the sanctuary idea.

There are cities in America that have stepped up to promise that they will not give help to federal officials who seek to deport those who have come to our country for the jobs and freedom their own countries lack.

Those city promises are not backed up by law, so those who so often do the jobs we aren’t willing to do – and their children who were born here and are American in every sense of the word – must live in fear of their future.

It’s not unprecedented for a state to make policy that contradicts national policy.

States have a long history of giving people rights to do things that the federal government might even have consider illegal at the time.

Consider abortion. Same-sex marriage. Marijuana.

So if Utah were to officially recognize the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for those who came here for just that, surely other states would do the same, thus giving the national government and federal courts a ground swell that they would at least note and perhaps eventually have no choice but to accept and support.

Don’t all men and women have the rights to pursue happiness? Aren’t we all created equal? Didn’t we say those rights are inalienable?

I call on Utah’s legislators to do what the United States Congress almost did but to their shame did not – and that is get something passed that ensures the protection of those who go to school here and hope and try and DREAM – sometimes more than those of us who had the fortune of being born in America.

I call on them to do something to ensure there is opportunity and a path forward for those who came here at great personal risk to work and contribute and raise their children where there is safety and relative peace.

I call on them to refuse to support efforts to imprison or deport law-abiding residents.

We have so many opportunities and blessings.

Who are we to keep them to ourselves?

Who are we to deny them to others?

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Dan Marc
January 05, 2017
Illegal aliens deport themselves from their own country to another illegally and adjust to the new country. They can sure as heck deport themselves back or be deported back to their own country and fit back in where they belong. Anyone who thinks the breaking of any law can be justified considers themselves above the law. One that thinks he / she is above the law cannot be trusted when it comes to obeying the law. That person is a risk to society. Without the citizenry and governments obeying, sustaining and enforcing the rule of law there is no civility, no protection, no justice, no peace, etc., for that society. To think otherwise is ignorant, foolish and dangerous.
Questionable Ethics
January 01, 2017
Why do you feel that someone who broke the law should be allowed to continue to break the law. There is a legal process to enter the country. Follow the law. The laws are the only thing that keeps us from reverting back to 3rd world countries. Deport them and have them follow the path to citizenship. Or they choose to get citezenship. They have no right to break the law.
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