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The Rut Less Traveled: On Angel’s Wings
by Corey B
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I love this time of the year. Tis the season for sweets and treats! I was blessed recently by a benevolent baker who sent me some angel cookies. The celestially shaped sugary sweets were delicious. However, there was one that had an unfortunate pastry malfunction. One of its wings had broken off during its divine delivery. Thankfully, it was still edible and incredible.

As I chomped my chosen cherubs, I pondered upon my doughy dilemma and this season, often labeled as the most wonderful time of the year. I reflected upon the lesser lessons of the holidays; stories I had heard as a child about angels among us. The kind we are often unaware of only because we’re too busy, or too distracted to notice. However, there are many other angels we can see. Our neighbors, co-workers, family members, children, strangers on the street, ourselves. Too often we overlook, or forget that underneath their estranged stares and frustrated frowns are angels unaware with heavenly hearts of gold. I guess failures and flaws are easier to see for us immaculate mortals, right? Well, if that’s true, why do we use our pointing fingers more often than our uplifting hands?

Who are these so-called angels unware in our lives that need our uplifting hands, hearts, and friendship? What of those angels who can’t remember the reason for the season because they believe they have no reason to believe? What of the angels who have broken their wings and feel like they will never fly again because the storms of life have thrown them too far off course?

I believe we are all angels unaware. We all get delayed and detoured from our divine destinations and happiness. We’ve learned the hard way that life is not all laurels and mistletoes. Our wonderful wings have been wounded in the storms of life and we wonder if we will ever fly again. Yes, the storms of life can even cause the choicest of angels to veer off course. But it is to these angels we must reach out with healing from our own wings and remind them that they are not alone and they will fly again.

Therefore, at this season of peace on earth and goodwill towards mankind, let us remember the miracle from the manger. The Beloved Babe that would be the King of Kings, who brought a special gift of peace for when we are broken in pieces. An eternal promise that whether we are kings and queens, or beggars and thieves, we are always loved. We can be healed, set free and become the great people we are still meant to be.

May we remember the true reason for this Christmas season and remember our own need to reach out and touch the Healer’s hem. Because sometimes we all need healing and help learning to fly again. After all, even angels get broken wings. If you need some help flying again, e-mail me:

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