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THE RUT LESS TRAVELED: The Treasure of Time
by Corey B
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TIME. You run your life by it, or rather, Time seems to run your life. There is always some appointment, deadline, overtime, or bedtime and seemingly never enough time for what matters most. And with so many versions of diversions throughout the day it can be quite difficult and even overwhelming trying to accomplish so much in so little time.

When you become caught in this cynical cycle, Time becomes an exhausting task master, not a productive partner. And when you feel there is never enough time, your pace can quickly ransack your peace. If you don’t make time to slow down, your well-being becomes a blur, and while you may be accomplishing tasks, you’re losing the fulfillment from those efforts.

There are so many valuable moments and memories to be made in your life, today! Make time for your heart and soul, not just your wallet and workplace and don’t let your precarious past carry into your precious present. Cherish your spouse and children with your time, not your ‘maybe later’ or ‘maybe tomorrow’. Time should not be labeled as merely a passing of days and dates, but a vault of priceless treasures waiting to be opened and spent…and not sparingly!

Ironically, everyone has the same amount of time and the task of finding out how best to utilize every minute. Yes, there are always distractions and interruptions that attempt to steal, or decoy your time and some days will seem endless, while others you wish would never end. At the end of each day, whether you’ve scrimped or squandered those precious minutes, you can never have them back.

Sounds too good to be true, at least for your schedule, right? That little voice, or rather, the stopwatch, in the back your mind is telling you that there is never enough time. Well, take a few minutes to ponder this timely fact. There are 168 hours in a week. Every week! So, even if you work 50 hours, and sleep 56 hours a week (8 hours a night)—but who even gets that much these days—and also allowing for snooze button obligations, you’ve still got about 60 hours left!

Think about all you can do with 60 extra hours, even after the alarm clock and time clock have been pushed and punched. There is time available if you’re willing to start making more time for your home and heart, not just your schedule. The only excuse is that you are letting time be your master, rather than learning to master your time wisely.

Today, right now, is all the time you are given. Be more thankful, more forgiving. Send the card you’ve been meaning to send. Make the phone call you keep putting off and go visit the friend you’d rather e-mail because it’s more convenient. The choice is yours, every day. Stop counting time and go make it count! And take some time to drop me a line.

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