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THE RUT LESS TRAVELED: A Life No Longer Lived In Infamy
by Corey B
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Today marks the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. “A date which will live in infamy,” said President Franklin D. Roosevelt who, on December 8, would also sign a Declaration of War against Japan. What ensued would be a brave, but bloody and hard-fought battle. A terrible war that would end as it began; with falling bombs. Only with more death and destruction caused then when the battle began. Though the surprise attack decimated America’s naval fleet, it was through that destruction that would define a generation of heroes. Brave men and women who rose above and beyond to defend our liberty, both past and present, and at all costs.

We have all experienced days of personal infamy. Days when we didn’t see the ‘enemy’ coming; when we felt “suddenly and deliberately attacked.” Days we wish we could take back, opportunities to be more prepared for, words left unspoken, and actions never taken. Moments we wish didn’t still haunt, or hurt.

America, at great costs, has overcome many such moments. Not because it’s better than other countries, but because when a country and people are built upon a foundation of faith, hope and love, they can survive, thrive and overcome anything. Those three ‘weapons of peace’, when combined, form a greater power than all the weapons of war ever created. That trinity can heal all wounds, turn enemies into allies and rebuild countries and the very hearts beating within each of us.

Is it so much harder to love than to hate? Can we start focusing more on improving our affections, rather than inventing new afflictions that bully, discredit and ultimately destroy each other? No, I’m not talking about regular ruts. I’m talking about grand canyons of contention that need to stop being filled with anger and regrets, and then filled in with love. “Love is all you need,” said the Beatles. They were right. Love heals wounds, builds and re-builds bridges over troubled waters that once seemed impossible for even such a miracle to be attempted. Love is a power that can connect people 280.4 miles away, and hearts 171,477 thousand miles away. Yet, hate and war can destroy hearts and homes from across the dinner table, a bedroom, or a neighborhood. Sadly, home is too often the worst battleground of all.

Let us be more patient, more understanding, and more forgiving. Where lines and swords have been drawn, or bombs dropped in anger, let us surrender. And in humility, not humiliation, sign a treaty of peace and take those shattered pieces and together rebuild and restore our broken, bombed, and sunken families, friendships, relationships and marriages. Today, let us not live in fear or shame, but look to our past to give us courage for our future. Let today be a date which will live in dignity and unity. Let the wars between all of us be over. Come back home.

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