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Cyclops: Lipstick study highlights male stupidity
by Bryan Gray
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If there’s one thing most of us learn in life it’s that we can’t fix stupid. Examples abound:

A Phoenix woman puts her 5-week old baby in a car seat, places the seat on the roof of her car, then drives off.

A felon points a gun at a policeman during a bank robbery, and is surprised when the cop responds. The man is now suing the police department for causing lifelong medical problems limiting his pursuit of happiness and pleasure.

A man attends a Little League baseball game and is struck by an errant throw from the pint-sized catcher. The man is suing the boy for $150,000.

A Magna, Utah man demands he receive a haircut while nude. When the stylist refuses, he runs out to the parking lot and disrobes.

We can only imagine the number of Utahns, drunk and sober, who will light campfires or shoot off bottle rockets despite tinder-dry weather conditions.

We have people who cry out for less government intrusion in the economy, yet 22 percent of the public say is it the government’s responsibility to inform them of restaurant food ingredients and calorie information.

We see people complaining about gasoline prices while idling their gas-guzzling SUV for 10 minutes in a drive-through line.

Stupidity is not genetic, but it may be linked to gender. Last week I read a survey indicating that men may indeed be the weaker sex when it comes to brain function. The study was conducted in France where, since server tips and gratuities are typically included in the price of the restaurant menu item, tipping is not expected.

But tip they did – especially if the server wore red lipstick! Female servers wearing red lipstick received tips 50 percent of the time from male customers, compared to only 30 percent of the servers wearing a different shade or no lipstick at all. Not only did men tip the red lips more often, but they also tipped larger amounts.

With female customers, the lipstick shade made no difference.

The French may have different customs, but I expect American men can be bamboozled as easily. Men around the world probably get weak in the knees when they see red lips ask, “And can I bring you a dessert menu?”

Theoretically, facial appearance should have nothing to do with tipping. Gratuities are a reward for excellent service, not layers of makeup. Tips should be linked to professionalism that has nothing to do with Avon or Estee Lauder.

A lipstick shade may cause a man’s heart to flutter, but it doesn’t have any impact on his water glass being refilled.

When it comes to tipping, my wife is more generous than me. She doesn’t care about the server’s appearance. All she understands it that serving is a hard task that is sometimes not adequately rewarded.

And it is stupid to think otherwise.

The opinions expressed in this column are those of the writer and not necessarily those of the ownership or management of this newspaper.

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