North Elementary ‘Watch DOGS’

By Kelsey Keener

CEDAR CITY–North Elementary School recently introduced a program called Watch DOGS so encourage more parents to be involved with their students’ education.

The program was introduced to students and parents during a pizza night last month. More than 250 students and their father figures attended to enjoy pizza and games, and learn about the Watch DOGS program.

Several community members also participated in the event. The Utah National Guard provided a climbing wall, SUU track and basketball athletes played alongside the students and SUU Aviation provided a helicopter visit. The Cedar High School Interact Club helped serve dinner, which was provided through donations from Southwest Technical College.

DOGS stand for Dads of Great Students and the program is intended to help dads and father figures become more involved in their students’ education. Chairperson Kourtney Jolley said the school enjoys having the program.

“It provides two things,” she said. “It is an extra pair of eyes at the school providing extra security, and second, it allows dads (and father figures) to volunteer one day in the school year at North Elementary.”

Jolley said the day of a Watch DOG includes helping students to class, monitoring activity on schools grounds, fixing items in classrooms, and helping students go through flash cards among many other activities.

“We need more father figures in our schools,” Jolley said. “ Statistics have proven time and again fathers are important in the development of all children. If you’re a father figure, come get involved in a child’s life – it will be a rewarding opportunity in your life.”

For more information or to get involved, visit the school’s website:


CAPTION: A new program at North Elementary is helping fathers and father figures get more involved with their children’s educations. Photo courtesy of Whitney Cowan 

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