I Scream, You…You Know the Rest

By Mary Anne Andersen
Cedar City Arts Council

To start with, I eat ice cream all year ‘round.  Doesn’t everybody?  But during the summer, one can justify one’s consumption in many ways:  it is a delicious way to cool off, it is a multi-generational family tradition that must be preserved, and we need to support our local businesses.  Speaking of which, we have a new one in town, the Pallette Creamery, found in the north end of the old depot.  We made our initial visit there the other night, and it was lovely—-simple, rustic decor, hand-lettered signs, and great ice cream.  What’s not to love?

I’ve had heard that Utah has the highest per capita consumption of ice cream in the nation (no surprise there; it is one of our few allowable pleasures).  That is why I am surprised when local ice cream places disappear.

Grandee’s, where Brody’s Mexican restaurant is now, was a favorite with my crowd.  It offered a Zion’s Mountain, 24 scoops of ice cream in a dishpan-sized bowl, with 6 toppings and 4 sprinkles, all of your own choosing.  It arrived at the table with a scoop, the appropriate number of individual bowls, and the fun began.  Any group able to finish this “mountain” got to ring a brass bell in the restaurant and its name was engraved on a plaque to hang on the wall.

Thanks to some help from my husband and a dedicated piano student named DJ, three “Andersen Piano Studio” plaques adorned the walls before the store owners threw in the towel.  We were so sad.  Did the servers get cramps in their forearms from dishing out one too many scoops and have to quit?  Did they have trouble with employees sampling too much of the inventory?  Did they grow tired of ice cream, and, gasp, turn to Asian Fusion?!

And what about Maggie Moo’s in the north end of town and at the Aquatic Center for a while.  I took my students there a couple of times, saying I would buy anything that wouldn’t turn their tongues bright blue.  Of course, they all ordered some ghastly thing which did just that.

The self-serve yogurt places on Main Street didn’t last long in spite of the fact that they were always crowded when I took the grandkids.  Golden Spoon gave up, and it was a really sad day when Maverik took out their yogurt machines.  Something about the machines being a pain to maintain….

So, please, Cedar Citians, support your local ice cream places.  Dairy Queen and Arctic Circle aren’t going anywhere, I don’t think.  Bulloch’s Drug’s ice cream fountain on Main street was one of my first stops with adorable grandchildren when we moved here.  The new Park Place Cafe has ice cream, and on the south end of town, Sub Zero offers up a real floor show with its liquid nitrogen clouds as they make the concoction of your choice.

In the summer, I can get passionate about a medium chocolate Frosty from Wendy’s.



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