Sample classes Saturday for ‘Lets Play Music’

CEDAR CITY– Kathy Wells and Jamie Petersen have been teaching Let’s Play Music for the last few years in Cedar City. They will be teaching Let’s Play Music and Sound Beginning classes as well as the new Presto program. All class times can be found at:


The are holding free sample classes on Saturday April 21, starting at 10 a.m. You can call Kathy Wells at 435-477-6561 for more information and class location.


“In the Let’s Play Music programs, we know that children learn most effectively through play,” Kathy said in a press release. “Peek into any of our classes and you’ll see jumping, singing, skipping, storytelling, and laughing! We understand that a child has to be physically involved in the learning process, so we use the eyes, ears, hands and full body movement to learn concepts usually taught on paper. We also know that children enjoy learning in a peer group setting. The synergy of a Let’s Play Music class naturally encourages children to participate and to excel. Your child will learn advanced concepts and skills using age-appropriate methods.”


Let’s Play Music is their flagship curriculum. This three-year program (30 lessons per year) solves the problem that a child is most ready to learn music at an early age, but his fingers and letter skills are not ready until later.


“We take full advantage of the brain’s ability to absorb musical concepts and teach skills in an age appropriate way. Solfege hand signs, folk songs, games, imagination and creativity are important components of each lesson.


  • First Year: we use engaging games and songs and incorporate Tone Bells to teach staff awareness and rhythm reading skills.
  • Second Year: we transfer these skills to playing the piano where we also learn chord notation, intervals, and harmonic improvisation
  • Third Year: students are playing piano at level 1-2, transposing music, composing their own music, sight-reading music, and are prepared for further private piano instructions.”


Sound Beginnings is a family music class for children ages 0-4 and a parent or caregiver. By providing solid music and preschool foundation, Sound Beginnings prepares students for success in Let’s Play Music and Kindergarten. Classes include singing, movement, instrument play, nursery rhymes, games, stories, and ear training activities. The curriculum is organized into six non-sequential semesters (15 lessons per semester). Each semester explores musical and kindergarten skills such as in-tune singing, keeping the beat, counting, colors, name recognition, telling time, and much more! Attending Sound Beginnings with your young child will strengthen your relationship. In class, purposeful play, eye contact, partner activities, and generational nostalgia develop the highly significant parent-child bond.


Presto: New in 2018, this is a two-year (30 lessons per year) beginnings piano course for students ages 7-12 that teaches all of the skills of Let’s Play Music.


“Because students are older and have more developed dexterity, we have added heavy emphasis on proper piano technique and repertoire.”


Visit the website for more information and tuition costs.



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