Painter/Poet exhibit at Art Works Gallery

CEDAR CITY–Art Works Gallery will be showing a collaborative exhibit featuring the paintings by Andrew Marvick and the poetry by Nano Taggart. The opening reception takes place on Friday, December 1, from 5-8 p.m. at Art Works Gallery, 16 N. 100 West, in Cedar City. The exhibit shows through January 31, 2018.

About the Exhibit

Engine of Color/Motor of Form is collaboration between abstract artist, Andrew Marvick and poet, Nano Taggart. Marvick painted in response to Taggart’s poems and conversely, Taggart has written in response to Marvick’s paintings. During the opening, Taggart will read his poetry either in person or on video. A chapbook will be available highlighting the work and collaboration from both artists.

This exhibit was partially funded by a grant from the Utah Division of Arts and Museum. The project will not only include a month-long exhibit at Art Works Gallery, but will also be displayed in part at the Tanner Center/Sherratt Library on the campus of Southern Utah University and the Salt Lake City Library in Salt Lake City. In addition to the chapbook, letterpress broadsides of Taggart’s poems, printed by SUU students, will also be available. Copies of the chapbook will be distributed to high and middle schools in the Cedar City area. Students and their teachers will be invited to participate in special presentations about the exhibit.

About Andrew Marvick

Andrew Marvick is an art historian and abstract painter. He grew up in Los Angeles, with long stays in West Africa, England, France, Germany, Austria, and Italy. He holds degrees from Harvard, UCLA, Columbia, and Florence’s Accademia Simi. He has been SUU’s Professor of Art History since 2005. He publishes on the transition from traditional to modern art in Europe and America. Before 1997 he painted in a traditional representational style; since then he has worked in a broad variety of abstract styles. To Marvick, painting is a language—a natural and indispensable way of responding to life.

About Nano Taggart

Nano Taggart is a founding editor of Sugar House Review and works as director of annual giving and special campaigns at the Tony Award-Winning Utah Shakespeare Festival. You can see some of his other work in places like Weber—The Contemporary West, Specs, Diagram, and elsewhere.

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