Mormon author writes children’s books, niece illustrates

By Holly Coombs

For Annie Dulaney, after taking a history degree in college, it didn’t stop her from working on her passion for writing children’s books.

“I have been playing around with the idea of a children’s book for years,” Dulaney said. “Since I graduated from college in 2012. But of all the ideas I went through, I never felt like any of them mattered enough to pursue.”

She said she has always liked to write, but her new book series “Little Mormons” is the first she has taken public.

As Dulaney started working on this series she said that she knew she had something special that would help a lot of people including herself.

“When I finished with the text and decided to get serious about printing the books, my niece, Maddie was the first person that came to mind to illustrate,” she said. “She has been drawing and painting for about six years and is extremely talented. I knew right away that even though she’s a teenager she would be perfect for this project. I contacted her about it and she thought it was a great idea and we went from there.”

Dulaney said she originally thought of the idea for the books when she was struggling to teach my three-year-old about the scriptures.

“Especially the Book of Mormon,” she said. “The LDS Church has an illustrated resource to teach children about the scriptures, and it is great, but they aren’t aimed for really young children and the artwork can be a little violent.”

Dulaney said while there are some popular videos that aren’t published by the church, they tend to dramatize stories to make them more interesting.

“I wanted to create rhyming, pure, and simple versions of Book of Mormon stories with inviting illustrations for ages 0-5,” she said. “I feel that many members of our community realize the importance of teaching our children about the scriptures, but don’t have many supplemental resources to help with the younger ones.”

The Little Mormons series presents the Book of Mormon stories in a way that familiarizes small children with names, places, events, and principles so when families read the scriptures together the children can recognize those things better, Dulaney said.

She has a fundraising campaign to keep her stories going and helping others.

“This fundraising campaign is to fund the first story Lehi’s Journey only,” Dulaney said. “The profits from that book should be enough to fund the next and then that process will repeat until all the entire series is printed. Anyone wanting to contribute can at”



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