Julie Beck honored with Sandgren Award

CEDAR CITY—Julie Beck, who has served the Cedar City community as a pianist, organist, accompanist, performer and music educator for more than 50 years, was presented with The Master Singer’s 2017 Sandgren Award on Sunday night.

In a tribute read at the concert by Masters Singers president Larry Hatch, her history as a performer was outlined for the audience. Her interest in performing began when Roy Halverson came to her elementary school to teach violin, and she became a student. In sixth grade, she began taking piano lessons from Cora Condie, and at age 16, began playing the organ at church. She still serves as organist in her LDS ward.

In 1987, the opportunity came to perform at the Presbyterian Church in Cedar City. She played the organ and piano there until 2012.

In 1989, Beck began accompanying the chorus classes in the middle school with music director Betsy Lillywhite. She continued with the Iron County School district until 2007. She performed at both local high schools and the middle school, and also accompanied choir classes at the Kimber Academy. For the past three years, she has accompanied the Cedar Area Interfaith Choir with Harry Taylor as director.

“For your remarkable service to family, students, church, and communities,” the tribute read, “and for your extraordinary contributions to the Music Arts—on behalf of each member of The Master Singers, on this day, December 17, 2017, you are given The Master Singer’s Sandgren Award.”


CAPTION: Julie Beck was presented the award from the Master Singers. She is scene here by, from left, Larry Hatch, Wendell Beck and Kent Myers. Courtesy photo

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