Cedar City Arts Coucil presents opening of Final Friday Art Walk

By: Holly Linford
Iron County Today

Cedar City had its third annual Art Walk hosted by the Cedar City Arts Council last Friday from 5 to 8 p.m.

The event included art demonstrations and live music from the Artisans Gallery from University Boulevard to 300 West at the Southern Utah Museum of Art.

Clayton Rippey and Liddy Hedden pose with their art at the Final Friday Art Walk last Saturday.

The two artists featured at the Artisans Art Gallery were Clayton Rippey and Liddy Hedden.

A summer networking social took place at the Southern Utah Museum at 7:30 p.m.

Presenters included, Danielle Dubrasky, a Southern Utah University professor presented some of her poetry, and Debra Stillman who performed two of her songs.

Anne Jensen, president of the Cedar City Arts Council, said Cedar City’s foundation is all about the art walk and other events that center around art.

Sara Penny, a Cedar City Arts Council Board Member, said the council has two to three socials every year and has monthly meetings to plan them out.

Penny said the art walk is important because it makes people more human.  

“We want people to be civil and kind to each other,” she said. “With art, it doesn’t matter religious, or political affiliation. The art is what matters.”

Steve Yates, gallery director of the Artisans Gallery, said the council features artists every year for events. The rest of the time, they showcase work from over fifty artists, but Rippey and Hedden’s work will be featured for the week.

Rippey said the Artisans Gallery asked him if he would present some of his artwork during art week, so he picked out some of his pieces to showcase.

Musicians Joe Morse and Andrew Suzhay perform at the Final Friday Art Walk in July hosted by the Cedar City Arts Council.

He said he has been an artist for 75 years, deciding to switch from a music major to art when he got home from World War II because he enjoyed it more.

“I can’t pick out a favorite piece of mine, that’s like asking to pick out a favorite shoe,” he said. “But I did pick a few things to showcase for the week that represented a wide range of ideas on art.”

Yates said these art walks alllow people to laugh and have a good time.

“When people come out to enjoy art, they often forget about anything that’s bothering them,” he said. “We need something to express our humanity, and art is the perfect way to do that.”

Yates said this is the third year the art walk has been around, and it just keeps getting better.
R. Scott Phillips, former
executive director of the Utah Shakespeare Festival, said the art walk adds to the fact that the arts have an enormous impact on the community.

”Nearly 70 percent of visitors said they came to Cedar City because of the arts,” he said.

Judy Higbee, resident of Cedar City said she knew there was going to be artists with their displays, so she decided to come out for that.

She said she decided to stay for the social.

“Our ability to be the town we are is based on the arts,” she said. “I know people were concerned about the change before the arts museum building was built but I think it’s wonderful. It goes along with the cultural feel of this street.”

Rippey said he has been an artist for 75 years, deciding to switch from a music major to art when he got home from World War II because he enjoyed it more.

The Final Friday Art Walk will continue on Aug. 25 and Sept 29.

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