Holy Week services at Community Presbyterian Church

By Pastor Nancy Pearson

For Christians, this is one of the most sacred weeks of the church year. We call it “Holy Week” for it is at this time that we remember what our Savior Jesus Christ did for each of us– going to the cross and rising from death to life on Easter Sunday.

We at Community Presbyterian Church remember these events with special services of worship. On Thursday, March 29, we will remember the Last Supper that Jesus shared with his disciples. We call this day “Maundy Thursday.” Maundy means mandate or commandment. On this day we remember the new commandment that Jesus gave to his disciples to “Love one another as I have loved you.” We remember by celebrating the sacrament of the Last Supper with the bread and the cup, as Jesus did so long ago with his followers.

On Friday, March 30, a solemn worship service gives us the opportunity to remember Jesus’ death on the cross. At our church, we remember “Good Friday” with a service of Tenebrae or Darkness. It was a dark day indeed when the Son of God suffered a criminal’s death and was buried in a borrowed tomb. We call this day good; partly because we can look back to what Jesus accomplished by dying for our sins on this day.

Easter Sunday is a joyous day of celebration! Christ is Risen from the dead! We believe that the power of God raised Jesus from death to life, and that He lives forever with God the Father in heaven. Because Jesus lives and because accept that he has saved us from sin and death, we too can be assured of life everlasting. Special celebrative music and a joyous message will be a part of this service. Please join us for this time to Praise God.

We welcome any and all who would like to join us for these special services.


Maundy Thursday                               March 29; 7 p.m.

Good Friday                                            March 30; 8 p.m.

Easter Sunday                                       April 1; 7 a.m. & 10 a.m.

Community Presbyterian Church, 2279 North Wedgewood Lane, Cedar City.

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