Ground broken for new Sonrise church

by Kelsey Keener

On Sunday afternoon, leaders of the Sonrise Christian Fellowship broke ground on the property where the Fellowship’s new church will be located. Members of the community and the congregation were there to help celebrate an accomplishment that has been 13 years in the making.

Pastor Jim Vasquez started by giving a brief overview of the Fellowship’s journey in acquiring its own church building. Currently, the Fellowship meets in different places throughout Cedar City, sometimes renting rooms and spaces from existing buildings.

Pastor Vasquez said the SCF purchased land for a church on Cross Hollow Road, but was financially unable to build on it because it was floodplain land and because of difficulties with FEMA. Hearing about the SCF’s struggle, a generous developer donated five acres of land off of Iron Springs Road to the Fellowship so it could build a church.

The congregation is glad for the new land, as many in attendance expressed their excitement and gratitude.

Alicia Benson, a representative from Tushar Contracting Inc., and Clarence Jones from Pacific Design Concepts, were there to show support for SCF.

Jones said the new church will be about 110 feet from the front of the road, with a parking lot in front of the building, and will be 12,000 square feet. In the future, there are plans to add another 2,000 square feet as well as things like pavilions behind the building.

After Pastor Vasquez spoke, he led everyone in a brief prayer and then anyone who brought a shovel was invited to participate in the groundbreaking.

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