Easter Interfaith program set for April 1

Parowan Area Interfaith Council is sponsoring an Interfaith Easter Morning Program for the community on Sunday, April 1, at 7 a.m., at the Parowan LDS Stake Center, 90 South Main Street. The early morning program capitalizes on the beautiful rising sun which filters through the east stain-glass windows; helping to remember the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the Light which HE brings.

The Interfaith Council is chaired by Gail and Jim Harris. There has been a program for the past 17 years. Over the years the Easter program has moved locations and taken on different structures (from elaborate dramatizations to more simple services involving singing and a scriptural message). There is an ebb and flow to what the program looks like because of the very nature of accommodating to the wishes of the Interfaith’s Council. Overall, there is something special and unique found in Parowan – where differences are often set aside to celebrate Our Savior as well as a sincere desire for UNITY.

The Easter program is sweet and short. There is a variety of musical numbers: father/daughter duet, choirs,vocal solo, instrumental, narration, and a scriptural passage read by Rev. Jeri Lee Harrell-Leeper, United Methodist Pastor (Parowan, Summit, Brian Head, Paragonah).   Faiths unite through support and service. We invite the public to attend.

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