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Music as a Contact Sport
Music is a contact sport. At a teacher workshop, we learned about musicians as small-muscle athletes.
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Off Roading, Doulas and Birth
There are few things I enjoy more than a camping trip with family and friends and off road vehicles. The latest camping trip was a blast. After spending the day being a passenger on multiple trail ...
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Tom’s Tomes: Call her later, when you’re not driving
I remember the first time it happened to me—when I was almost hit by another motorist while he made a lane change in front of me, his head leaning to the left. I was able to avoid the collision, bu...
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Food, Nature and Stuff: A hero next door
By the time emergency crews arrived Sept. 3 at my childhood home at 604 South 2175 East, they were unable to save the structure.
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My love for the Fair
I love fairs! Attending the Utah State Fair with my family was an annual event, no more to be missed than Halloween. We went for the exhibits: animals, giant pumpkins, beautiful art. Fair food back...
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IN THIS TOGETHER: A trait that can be both seen and lived
Sometimes you see nobility in the most surprising places. And if nobility seems an odd word to use these days, let me explain that I’ve just returned from two days of plays in Cedar City, including...
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Food, Nature and Stuff: Change isn’t always good
by Cody Smith
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Our county has changed and continues to change in a direction I fear.
The Rut Less Traveled: A Gold Mettle Life
by Corey Baumgartner
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As the final flames flicker away from the Olympic torch in Rio, the Summer Games have come to end.
Shane Summers will be missed for what he did and who he was
by Mary Anne Andersen
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Last week I wrote about those who leave large footprints as they make their ways through our lives. You know: the Geralds, and the Freds, and the Junes; the coach whose goal is to build character, ...
This is how Cyclops sees the election
by Bryan Gray
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England’s Edward VII once advised leaders, “It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you don’t frighten the horses.”
Food, Nature and Stuff: To my brother
by Cody Smith
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You died on Aug. 16, 2012, which means I’m older than you now, but you’ll always be my big brother.
Some leave larger-than-life footprints
by Mary Anne Andersen, Cedar City Arts Council
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To quote Ed Kocelia, “Jerry Sherratt, was, without question, the most vital force in Cedar City history.”
National News
HOBOKEN, N.J. (AP) -- Federal investigators are sifting through the wreckage of a train crash in New Jersey to determine what happened before it barreled through a station and crashed into a barrier, causing a young mother to be killed by falling debris and injuring more than 100 others....
2016-09-29 22:55:41 -0600
HOBOKEN, N.J. (AP) -- The world seemed to stop when Fabiola Bittar de Kroon's former co-worker learned she been killed after a New Jersey commuter train crashed through a barrier and into a suburban station, sending debris falling onto her....
2016-09-30 01:44:33 -0600
NEW YORK (AP) -- Just because Congress has allowed Sept. 11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia over claims it had a role in the terror attacks doesn't mean such a case will ever go before a jury....
2016-09-30 00:54:56 -0600
DENVER (AP) -- Wondering if that brownie contains pot? Colorado has you covered....
2016-09-30 02:36:57 -0600
TULSA, Okla. (AP) -- A Tulsa police officer is expected to plead not guilty to first-degree manslaughter in the death of an unarmed black man when she makes her first appearance before a Tulsa County judge....
2016-09-29 23:02:33 -0600
TOWNVILLE, S.C. (AP) -- A judge will decide whether authorities can continue holding a teenager arrested after a school shooting that left two students and a teacher wounded and a tiny South Carolina community coping with the aftermath....
2016-09-30 01:12:41 -0600
Marshall Metz had served five years of a life sentence for murdering his wife when his stepson Jimmy Trout got a startling message from Maryland's automated victim-notification service: "This e-mail is to inform you that Marshall Metz has been released from custody."...
2016-09-30 02:49:52 -0600
MIAMI (AP) -- Despite all his accomplishments, Jose Fernandez never pitched a complete game, and on Thursday he was carried out of church in a casket with too much unfinished business....
2016-09-29 20:57:26 -0600
EL CAJON, Calif. (AP) -- The anguished mother of a man killed by police in a San Diego suburb said she could not believe her family left violence-wracked Uganda only to have her son shot to death in the United States....
2016-09-30 02:45:33 -0600
SAN DIEGO (AP) -- U.S. authorities twice tried to deport a black man who was fatally shot by police in a San Diego suburb this week but his native Uganda refused to take him....
2016-09-29 14:24:30 -0600