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From bats to Borodin
“Alleluia” woke up the bat that took flight over the soprano and the audience. Carol Ann Modesitt is not one to be upstaged by a bat, so she sang the Mozart celebratory piece with even more passion...
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Around the Corner: Just one of those days
It was one of those days; you've probably had one, you know the kind of day where if you owned a gun you would have shot the computer and put yourself out of your misery.
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Ask a Specialist: The Benefits of Family Routines
Children may not exactly beg parents to establish routines for school-day mornings, family meals or weekend chores, but every family needs a certain amount of structure to function well.
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If I were to win the lottery
If I were to win the lottery, I would immediately start to give it away (Don’t bother calling with suggestions or requests, folks; I’ve had this daydream before and my mind is made up).
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Making a Difference in Iron County Today Canyon Creek Women’s Crisis Center to see increased needs
Domestic violence is the fastest growing and most serious violent crime in the United States, and Utah exceeds the national average in domestic violence incidents.
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The many conveyances of a European vacation
So this is rather obvious: when we travel we use modes of transportation not common to our daily needs.
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Moving from band-aids for bullet holes to surgery for solutions
by Kaleigh Bronson Cedar High School senior
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Imagine you have an incredible headache, blood is pounding in your temples, your vision is getting blurry, your breathing becomes rushed and frantic. Now, say this occurs several times a week, even...
I am not the same person I was three weeks ago
by Maryanne Andersen
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I’m back from Europe and still a little the worse for wear, but can’t wait to start talking about it. In the first place, my clothes smell funny.
An example of the selfless giver
by Robert McCoy
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This column has covered charities, organizations, churches, and corporations that have done generous acts in Iron County. Today, I am going to write about a couple who chose to help others even dur...
Coloring inside the lines gives us one ugly political picture
by By Kaleigh Bronson Cedar High School senior
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This is the first of a two-part op-ed column. The second column will appear in the Aug. 12 edition of Iron County Today. From Ancient Grecian philosophical thought to Gutenberg's printing press, th...
Ask a Specialist: The rise of the urban feathered invaders
by By Terry Messmer, Utah State University Extension wildlife specialist
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Urban residents in Utah and other states often wake up to the rasping calls and not-so-soothing coos of growing populations of feathered friends, or in some cases feathered fiends. Some of the new ...
The art of drinking soda pop
by Jeff Lowe, Managing Editor
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I just returned from a summer vacation spent with my immediate and extended family members. When I wasn’t visiting overpriced yet undeniably happy theme parks or trying to stop my youngest from eat...
  • Vibrant small towns embrace art, self expression
    by John Crabtree, Center for Rural Affairs
    07.22.15 - 11:52 am
  • Neil Simon Festival launches 13th season
    by Chanel Barnes, Reporter
    07.15.15 - 01:16 pm
  • Do we take the familiar for granted?
    by Mary Anne Andersen, Cedar City Arts Council, and Shannon Eberhard, Cedar Breaks National Monument
    07.15.15 - 01:12 pm
  • How do you define summer vacation?
    by Jeff Lowe, Managing Editor
    07.15.15 - 07:00 am
  • National News
    ROANOKE, Va. (AP) -- The woman who survived the on-air shooting that killed two TV journalists says she never saw the gunman walk up to the group because the camera's bright light blinded her....
    2015-08-28 17:26:34 -0600
    ROANOKE, Va. (AP) -- Living alone in a world of perceived slights, Vester Lee Flanagan II festered and fumed. His hair-trigger temper directed at a random collection of people he encountered never seemed to stray into the type of violent behavior that would have put him on the radar of police or mental health professionals....
    2015-08-28 18:28:44 -0600
    CONCORD, N.H. (AP) -- A graduate of an exclusive New England prep school was cleared of rape but convicted Friday of lesser sex offenses against a 15-year-old freshman girl in a case that exposed a tradition in which seniors competed to see how many younger students they could have sex with....
    2015-08-28 19:35:34 -0600
    NEW YORK (AP) -- A former executive who was in charge of Subway's advertising says he wasn't aware of pitchman Jared Fogle's criminal sexual conduct with minors....
    2015-08-28 20:09:24 -0600
    OLATHE, Kan. (AP) -- A white supremacist charged with killing three people at Jewish sites in suburban Kansas City spent more than two hours Friday telling jurors how he planned the attacks and is sorry he didn't kill more people....
    2015-08-28 21:41:44 -0600
    RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) -- North Carolina state prosecutors announced Friday that they won't retry a white police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black man, saying that talking with jurors after the mistrial helped convince them they cannot get a conviction....
    2015-08-28 17:38:05 -0600
    FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) -- Two months after it legalized gay marriage nationwide, the U.S. Supreme Court is being asked by a Kentucky county clerk for permission to keep denying marriage licenses to same-sex couples....
    2015-08-28 17:25:14 -0600
    MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) -- Planned Parenthood Southeast on Friday filed a federal lawsuit over Gov. Robert Bentley's effort to cut off Medicaid payments to the organization's Alabama clinics....
    2015-08-28 19:39:07 -0600
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Even if the suspect at the center of a national immigration debate accidentally fired the shot that killed a young woman on San Francisco's Pier 14, it may not help his case....
    2015-08-28 17:01:55 -0600
    LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The centerpiece of the proposed 2024 Olympic Games in Los Angeles would be a $1 billion village where thousands of athletes would eat, sleep and stroll on tree-lined walks and clipped lawns....
    2015-08-28 16:20:59 -0600