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Tom’s Tomes: Whoever wins, I think we’re gonna be okay
by TOM HARALDSEN, Managing Editor
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Ah, the great political divide of 2016. Hours and hours of TV watching, editorial reading and talk radio listening have taken the discussions of the presidential race to a fevered pitch. Everyone has some reason to fear everyone in the hunt for the White House. Everyone has a theory as to how, no matter who’s elected, the world will come to an end.

Everyone needs to take a chill pill—because here’s the good news: No matter which man or woman becomes president next January, we’re gonna be okay.

That’s not to say that the political tones won’t change in DC—they very well could. It’d be nice if they changed in the direction of Congress actually putting partisan politics aside and doing its job, but I don’t see that happening. Depending on who wins in November, the Supreme Court may take a much more liberal turn (if Hillary Clinton takes over the Oval Office) or remain a bit more conservative if Donald Trump wins—I think. But no matter who takes the oath of office, some of the radical thoughts and promises and pledges for “change” that we hear these candidates spouting off are very likely never going to happen.

We’ve heard promises (threats) like:

A 10-foot wall between the U.S. and Mexico, which Mexico will pay for

A rise in the minimum wage to anywhere from $10 to $15 an hour

Repeal of Obamacare

Expansion of Obamacare

All Americans will be given access to affordable health care

All undocumented workers will be deported

College educations will be available to all at low or no cost

Etc., etc., etc.

Yes, these types of statements and many others being tossed and bantered around are radical, scary, prejudicial, and in some cases inflammatory. What in the world is going to happen if the wrong person with the wrong ideas for the wrong reasons gets elected?

We’re gonna be okay. And here’s why.

Unlike many other nations, the United States from its inception has a government of checks and balances. Revisit your high school civics classes and you’ll remember that there are three branches of government---executive, legislative and judicial. By design, this form of government will prevent ANY ONE person or ideology from radically taking over or dictating what we become. If Congress doesn’t approve of a president’s plans, they won’t happen.

Sure, it does matter whom you vote for in November—you should support candidates whose thinking and whose philosophies match yours. But even if your candidates don’t win, all is not lost. We won’t see the U.S. go completely down the river because the “captain” (president) has radical ideas of how to steer it. He or she is not the only person on the bridge. And this amazing nation of ours, the greatest on earth, has ways to right itself even if we list a bit from one political side to the other at times.

We may not like the leader the nation picks. We may not support the policies or ideas that that person puts forward. I don’t have tons of faith in the political party systems of this nation the way they currently exist, but I do have faith in the governing principles of this country—that they will endure and that they will prevail. And at the end of the day, even if we are a bit battered and bruised at times, I believe this.

We’re gonna be okay.

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Tom’s Tomes: Whoever wins, I thi...

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by TOM HARALDSEN, Managing Editor
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