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THE RUT LESS TRAVELED: April Showers Bring May Flowers
by Corey B.
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The seasons of life are vast and varied. Some days are full of blue skies and cool breezes, while others are cloudy, dark and cold. Of course, we know that each season is necessary to keep the circle of life refreshed and renewed. I believe it is the same with the seasons of our lives. They are meant to help prepare the soil of our souls for the seeds of new dreams and renewed vows and goals that spring brings. Yes, all of us will experience winters of worry and loss, but these seemingly, seasons of treason, will pass and we will prevail over the vail of sorrow and find bright joys in our tomorrows. It sounds good, but when you’re caught in the cold, those sunny days seem so far away.

I know it's not easy to believe the sun will ever shine again when the wintery chills of your challenges seem endless, but I promise you that the sun is still there and it will shine again. The snows will melt, the rains will stop, the clouds will flee and you will see the sun again. I know you can’t see it now, and the rain has turned into a flood, but your season of change is coming. Keep your shovel, bulbs and seeds ready.

Yet, how can we hope for May flowers when we feel like we're being drowned by April showers? This is not an easy thing to do, but I’m sure you’ve heard it said that when the storms of life come, let us not stay inside complaining, but go outside and learn to dance in the rain. Easier said than done, but even if you don't have an umbrella or a partner, give it a try. It may sound silly, but I've learned in my life that I can either learn to dance, or just sit there and drown.

Now, just because you’ve learned to dance in the rain, or plant flowers on a cloudy day, doesn’t mean you’ll never face stormy seasons of doubt or distress again. But it does mean you’ll be ready to not only endure them, but learn how to enjoy them more. And because of the things you’ve learned during your April showers, you will be more empowered to help others learn how to dance during their own storms and still plant their May flowers.

Remember, there’s always a reason for the season. Some seasons are more difficult than others, but don’t commit emotional treason and stop believing in yourself or living your life. No matter what difficult season you're going through right now, it really will pass. Don’t be afraid of the storms of life. When they come, make sure you have and find friends and family with warm hearts and hearths. And if it happens to be raining, turn on the music and get out there and learn to dance! If you need a partner, e-mail me.

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