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Stand up to vote
by Cassie Meredith
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There is a scene from a movie that my little ones have made me watch over and over again with them.

There is a group of ants and a group of grasshoppers in this movie. As the story goes, the ants work all summer to gather food to give to the grasshoppers in exchange for their protection. One summer just as the grasshoppers come flying into town, the klutzy ant of the colony accidentally knocks the offering stone into the water and loses all the food to the stream.

Obviously the grasshoppers are mad and tell the ants that unless they use the remaining time they have, which is normally used to gather their own food, to gather more food for the grasshoppers they will get squished!

The grasshoppers head back to their headquarters, a sombrero in the desert, and we get to this conversation between the head honcho and the other grasshoppers.

Hopper: There was that one ant that stood up to me.

Grasshoppers: Yeah, but it was just one ant; we can forget about him (laughing)

Hopper: Yeah, you're right, it's just one ant.

Grasshoppers: Yeah boss, they're puny! (The Hopper gets one piece of grain out of the food dispenser and throws it at this grasshopper).

Hopper: Did that hurt?

Grasshoppers: Ha! Nope (Hopper throws another single grain).

Hopper: Did that hurt?

Grasshoppers: Are you kiddin' (laughing).

Hopper: Well … how about this? (He pulls the lid off the dispenser bottle, letting all the grain spill out, completely burying the grasshopper he's talking to while the rest of the grasshoppers stand staring, stunned).

Hopper: You let one ant stand up to us, then they all might stand up. Those puny little ants outnumber us a hundred to one and if they ever figure that out, then there goes our way of life!

This year of voting reminds me of that.

In years’ past you may have been able to slide by thinking your individual vote doesn't matter, maybe relying on everyone else to make all the decisions for you. Maybe you are OK with that, or maybe, like me, you didn’t realize that in the past the way to make your voice heard was to become a delegate, not necessarily by casting your vote on Election Day.

I left high school with the knowledge that if I went and cast my vote that I was doing my civic duty. Yay me! Honoring the sacrifices made to give us the right to choose our leaders. Well, it didn’t quite work exactly that way. Luckily this year is different.

This year a new legislation is in action called SB54. This legislation gives each candidate the opportunity to gather signatures to ensure that their name appears on the ballot, essentially forcing a primary election. That means, now more than ever, your individual vote matters.

This is how voting will work this year. There will be a primary election for the Republican Party. There are two commission seats up for grabs, Seat A, which Mike Bleak and Casey Anderson are contending for, and Seat C, which Alma Adams, Jody Edwards and Sam Brower are all seeking.

So, on your ballot you will get to choose two people, one for each commission seat. Early voting began Tuesday, June 14. You can go and vote at the following locations: Courthouse, 68 S. 100 East; Parowan and Cedar Council, Cedar City and Enoch City Offices, and new to Cedar City this year will be the mail-in ballots.

On June 7, we should have all received a ballot in the mail. In this magical little package of ease you will find a ballot, an envelope to mail your completed ballot back in and a set of instructions for voting using this method. How convenient is that? If you would prefer to vote in person you will need to bring the mail in ballot with you and surrender it at the time of voting. If for some reason you did not receive a mail in ballot they can simply double check your voting status when you get to the polling place.

The primary election date is June 28. So if you didn't make it to early voting, or didn't get/want to use your mail-in ballot, then you still have this day to cast your vote. This can be done at your designated polling place based on where you live.

So you see, this year every individual (ant) makes a difference and if we all stand up …

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Stand up to vote

12 months ago
by Cassie Meredith
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