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GOP Survey Shows “Lockstep” Shame
by Bryan Gray
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When I speak to men and women who have moved to Utah or are planning a move, I often hear two reasons for their decision. Some voice it in pure economic terms. (“Utahans are cheap”, “it is difficult to get ahead”, “companies reward hard work”.)

The other reason centers on the “attitude” of the majority. “Everyone seems to walk lockstep with everyone else. I don’t see a whole lot of individuality.”

I understand all these statements, although the economic rationale is snagged by the generally higher cost-of-living in urban areas outside of the state. But the “lockstep” comment was shining this month when a Dan Jones & Associates survey found that a solid 60 percent of likely Republican voters believed that party leaders should support the GOP candidate – no matter whom it was.

Where is the brilliant thinking in this? The party is more important than the person? If Adolf Hitler appears on a ballot, then you should raise your paw and nod your head?

Somewhere we have gone adrift. By putting party over reason, Utah Republicans have decided to support a candidate who tweets about sex tapes, makes fun of captured soldiers and Gold Star families, says elections are rigged, and has the sexual mores of a badger on Viagra. This is the party of Abraham Lincoln, Dwight Eisenhower, and Ronald Reagan?

An Associated Press report acknowledged that national GOP leaders “long ago gave up hope” that Trump would become more palatable but they’ve found ways to “rationalize their support for him, his most volatile moments and offensive rhetoric.”

Sorry, but count me out. If the crazy uncle visits the home and spews out unacceptable, crude language, we wouldn’t giggle and tell the grandchildren, “Oh don’t listen to him. He’s just a crank. Remember, he’s your uncle.”

No, a responsible family would explain that crazy uncle doesn’t represent their beliefs. And when crazy uncle spits on the carpet and trashes folks in his own family, a responsible adult would lead him out of the house and book an Uber.

Serving in leadership comes with having a grasp of principle. A refreshing example fortunately came last week when Sen. Mike Lee continued his refusal to publically back Trump, although he doesn’t rule out an eventual vote for him. When asked by a Salt Lake Tribune reporter if the public has a reasonable expectation to know whom Lee would vote for, the senator emphatically said “No!”

“We have a secret ballot,” he said. “When I decide to vote, that is my decision. I might choose to tell the voters of Utah how I’m going to vote and I might not, but like any other citizen, I retain that right to privacy.”

It’s too bad the Dan Jones survey respondents didn’t take a civics class and understand the principles behind patriotic citizenship.

The opinions stated in this article are solely those of the author and not of Iron County Today
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