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About that big magnet to the south…
by Mary Anne Andersen Cedar City Arts Council
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I have a real love/hate relationship with Las Vegas. Because we have family there, we visit there frequently. Over the years I have made many observations and developed strong feelings about that magnet city to the south.

A family emergency took me to Las Vegas for a week earlier this month and I loved the weather. Although we have not had a very cold winter here this year, I wear thermal underwear from October to April. The weather there all week was in the low eighties and I loved every sun-drenched minute. I felt no need to use air-conditioning in the house or the car. The Las Vegans were wanting to hit the AC button every time we got in the car; ceiling fans whirred from 9 a.m. on.

Of course, I don’t feel the same about their weather from May to October. The sun then becomes a tormentor, and like everyone else, I hate the thought of the three minutes it takes for the car to cool down. In the winter here, I shiver for the time it takes my car to get warm, but I don’t feel like I might die. Inside a car that has been sitting outside in July in Nevada, I think I might.

Another lovely thing about this time of year in Las Vegas is my morning run. I don’t need layers and layers of cold-weather gear to leave home at 6 a.m. The neighborhood trees and gardens are already in bloom and the air is fragrant and resonant with the songs of happy birds. The desert sunrises are the technicolor equal of our sunsets here and the air is oxygen rich. Big bonus: the steepest incline in the flat streets is the speed bump near the school.

Driving the main streets is not so pleasant, however. I have never been to Las Vegas when there weren’t some sort of elections going on. Every vacant lot is a forest of campaign billboards. Big ones. After four miles on the same thoroughfare, I feel that I know the candidates for municipal judge personally.

And speaking of driving, it takes so long to get anywhere! A trip to the diagnostic center for an x-ray is twenty to twenty-five minutes each way. It takes an hour, or more, to get to a job in a restaurant on the strip. The ride to 6:00 A.M. seminary across from the magnet school is twenty-five minutes. Here, I’m ten minutes from anywhere.

The professional shows are fabulous! “Show-stoppers”, a revue of, well, show-stopping tunes from popular Broadway shows, was a banquet for all my music-loving senses. I was really wowed with glitz. On the other hand, Las Vegas is one of the most women-exploiting cities in the nation. Go downtown, and you can’t look anywhere without seeing something that sells women as sex toys.

Do I like visiting LV? Yes. Want to live there? Uh…no.

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April 02, 2017
Maybe I'm not within the demographic this article was intended for but I've honestly never read any sort of published piece that was less pertinent that what I just read. This was by no means interesting, thought provoking, or uniquely observational. Any insight has about as much depth as a puddle in death valley. When I click onto an article I expect perhaps an interesting subject matter or a new perspective in something or even unique lifestyles or opinions. Not just some banal, unsunbstantial, hastily written, rainy-day-chit chat-over-tea meandering. I'm sorry if my comment was harsh but I expect a higher calibur from my reading material and I hope you can take criticism constructively as not not be completely offended by my tirade.
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About that big magnet to the south…

2 months ago
by Mary Anne Andersen Cedar City Arts Council
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