The Rut Less Traveled

by Corey Baumgartner

Are you happy with your decisions and accomplishments of 2016? Do you believe 2017 will not only be different, but better? You don’t have to wait until 11:59 PM on December 31st to find out if you’ve really made any past progress, or 12:00 AM on January 1st to see if new opportunities await you.

You can begin changing your yearly results by the choices you make and the paths you take starting now. Some of you may start the new year stuck in the same old ruts of 2016. Maybe some of you will wake up to the same old rotten routines and think the only thing different is the day. I understand.

Yes, you should strive to have a positive perspective. But sometimes even the positive things that try to lift you up can be more annoying than the negative things that you have insulated yourself with to avoid having to change them. Some days it seems nothing can get you excited about your life. No motivating mantras or invigorating intentions can help you look positively enough towards the seemingly long months left ahead. Is it easier to believe you’re a failure, or aren’t good enough to live a happier life than it is to embrace the reigns of responsibility to make happiness happen? Perhaps counterfeit comforts have blinded you to that responsibility of stopping your complaining and instead start draining the swamps and mires of a mediocre life—no matter what obstacles are currently in your path.

There is no magic potion that positive people possess. Their grass isn’t greener because it’s better grass but because they water it more often and give it more direct sunlight. They change their perspective which gives them a better directive. Then their determination helps get them to their destinations despite the detours and defeats of life. Sure, it all sounds rosy and even unrealistic, but is it really worse than the opposite of believing you can have a better life through better thoughts, better choices and better actions?

The Grand Canyon wasn’t carved in a day, or even a year, right? It was continually carved each day by the steadiness of the sculpting stream which eventually transformed it into the magnificent canyon it is today. Your everyday choices are like that Colorado River. You may get frustrated and detoured from carving out your future, but if you will keep going and flowing, eventually you will achieve whatever you are trying to accomplish. Daily progress will keep you motivated and excited about where you are and where you’re heading.

Each year is a new beginning, but it is also a continuation of your past progress and failures which, together, will help you carve more carefully as you navigate your way through the canyons and ruts of 2017. May you never stop flowing and keep forging ahead into a more beautiful and grander life. If you need help with your carving, e-mail me:

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