To the Editor: Thank you firefighters!

To the Editor:


Dear Firefighters fighting the Brian Head fire,


We deeply appreciate your efforts and your amazing courage as you have fought to control this terrible fire. We are part of a family (the Grimshaws) that owns the cabin up Second Left-Hand Canyon, and we have seen the photographs of our cabin still standing, with firefighters there on the ground and precisely placed fire retardant drops, which undoubtedly help to save the cabin.


We thank each and every one of you. We continue to pray for your success in containing this fire and for your safety as you carry out this most dangerous task of fighting forest fires.



Ann Grimshaw and Preston Hughes


Dear Firefighters,


It’s with GRATEFUL HEARTS that we express our appreciation to you for what you have done to save our mom’s cabin. We realize that we are the lucky ones as many had a completely different outcome, and our hearts go out to them. Our continued prayers will be with each and every one of you.


Thank you,

Dorothy Grimshaw Orton


Dear Firefighters,


Words cannot express our appreciation and thanks for all of you who helped save our cabin. We know that it was division “Alpha,” but there were over 100 of you in Second Left Hand Canyon when the fire hit. We were told that there were about 20 of you at our cabin. We don’t know who you are, so publicly we want to thank you. I have eight brothers and sisters. The past two weeks have been kind of hard on us not knowing if we have a cabin or not. So, to those firefighters at our cabin, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. You guys are AWESOME and we give a special thanks to all of the firefighters on the Brian Head fire and all fires raging around the country.



Vern H. Grimshaw


The Grimshaw family thanks all of you.



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