From the Editor: What Motivates You?

By Holly Coombs

At the beginning of the year, there is a common ritual to set New Year’s resolutions, but how often do those resolutions go down the drain in a matter of days, weeks or months because for many reasons we can’t stick to it?

Some of those reasons we don’t stick to them might include:

  • No Motivation
  • Falling into old habits
  • Desire changes
  • No personal strength
  • Pre-conceived goals

There could be more that I’ve missed and you can let me know, but a lot of things in life seem to come and go. We all want to make changes in our life at some point or another if we are not happy with our current situations.

These changes can range from weight changes, physical activity, eating lifestyle, religion, job and more.

For me, I try to continuously improve myself to better enjoy my life.

I was in a bad marriage, which ended last year and during that unhappy time I gained a massive amount of stress, depression, anxiety, fat and health issues.

I have always been skinny and pretty fit most of my life so this was a different challenge for me. When the marriage ended, I told myself I would get back to the happy, active me.

Since then I have lost half the weight I gained in my marriage, lost most the stress (aside from some that can come from any job), found happiness and become healthier.

The question is though what motivated me to make those changes?

I was in an unhappy situation and when I got out of it, I had the desire to find my happy.

Of course, in the process, two months after the divorce I found a man, who has accepted me for who I am and encouraged me to be who that healthy, happy person is.

While the trek has been tough, I found a health program that I enjoyed pushing my limits in and when the results came, it wasn’t hard to keep going. I also had encouragement from team members.

So, what motivates you? What are you struggling to get motivated for?

Sometimes the struggle can be getting up in the morning, going to work to a job you loathe, making that first step toward getting in shape or eating healthy.

For me, remembering my reason for living and wanting to be happy instead of sad or depressed.

It is not easy, I didn’t just wake up one day and say, “I can do this!” It took multiple days.

In one of those days, I found myself writing this poem that has inspired me every day since:




I’ve made my excuses,

I say it’s been tough,

I believed I’d stay useless,

But I’ve really had enough!


So many times, I’ve fallen short,

The goal pushed to the side,

When I’ve got so much support,

There is no more reason to hide!


I push, I run, I strive for the strength,

The potential to come at great length,

Finding a me I once knew I’d again be,

Was back in grasp and soon set free!


Submit your ways of motivation to Holly Coombs is the assistant managing editor of the Iron County Today.




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