Youth Volunteer Corps collecting for hygiene kits

CEDAR CITY–When the Iron County School District Homeless Liaison attended the monthly meeting of the Youth Volunteer Corps, they explained how important it to be nice to everyone, because you never know what their home life may be like. In fact, there are over 400 homeless youth right here in Iron County. That statement got the attention of all the youth volunteers and they decided they not only wanted but needed to do something right now to make a difference.

“Our goal is to assemble at least 200 hygiene kits to donate to the school district for appropriate distribution,” said Cindy Rose, director of the YVC. “Donations need to be travel size or small as everything has to fit in a gallon zip lock baggie. The students receiving these kits usually carry them in their school backpacks or store them in their lockers.”

She said many of us travel and stay at hotels. All those shampoos, little soaps, etc. are just what they need for the kits.

“If you stay somewhere and don’t use those items, we would be thrilled to have you donate them to YVC, knowing they will be donated to someone in need. When your dentist gives you a sample toothbrush and toothpaste, those are perfect for the kits we are assembling.”

She said everything has to fit in a gallon size zip lock baggie, so either small or travel size items are good. Some of those items needed include the following:

Toothbrush                              Toothpaste                                          Dental Floss

Mouthwash                              Shampoo / Conditioner                       Hand Sanitizer / Wipes

Kleenex                                   Hair Brush / Combs                              Soap bars / liquid soap

Chapstick                                 Hand / Body Lotion                              Deodorant

Q-tips                                       Tampons (not pads)                             Tube Socks

Wash Clothes                           Laundry Soap Pods                             Travel size first aid kits

Good quality zip lock baggies: Gallon, Quart and Snack Sizes

Donations can be dropped off at Five County Association of Governments/Youth Volunteer Corps office; 585 N Main Street, Suite #1. If you aren’t able to drop off and need items picked up, please call Cindy Rose at (435) 867-8384 to arrange pick up. Any questions can also be directed to Cindy at

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