UPDATE: Arrests made in child sex crime operation

PARAGONAH—Seven men have been arrested, including an Army recruiter, after a multi-agency operation apprehended them in Paragonah over the weekend. The Parowan Police department conducted a joint criminal operation with the Iron County Sheriff’s Office, Iron County Attorney’s Office, Iron/ Garfield/ Beaver Narcotics Task Force, Homeland Security Investigation, Utah Highway Patrol and The Veteran’s for Child Rescue.

The operation consisted of using confidential informants and placing an ad on websites known to produce child trafficking activities and child predators. Six male suspects were arrested after arriving at a non-disclosed location and making arrangements to have sex with 13-year-old girls. There are several ongoing investigations related to additional suspects.

Jason Everette Livermore, 30, was charged Friday in 5th District Court with two counts of criminal solicitation, a first-degree felony; and enticing a minor, a second-degree felony. News of his arrest broke on Friday, but law enforcement officials asked media not to disclose it until the other individuals were apprehended on Sunday.

According to a release from the Parowan PD, six men traveled to Paragonah where they met with the confidential informant and agreed to have sex with one or more 13-year-old female children. Money was exchanged, and conversations with each suspect were had, to include ground rules and confirmation of the sexual acts to be performed.

In a joint operation using a confidential informant, an ad was placed on various social media websites, including Craigslist. The ad had a picture of two young females with a phone number and a link to other sites. The suspects contacted the number and exchanged several phone conversations or text messages with the CI. In the conversations the CI made it clear they would be having sex with one or more 13-year-old children. The suspects agreed to the terms for location, time and payment and requested one or both 13-year-old girls.

“The suspects would call the number and say they were en route from different locations to the house in Northern Iron County,” the release said. “When they arrived at the off ramp, the suspects called the CI and she stayed on the phone to guide them in to the residence. The suspects had already negotiated to pay for sex with one or both 13-year-old girls.”

Once elements of the crimes were confirmed, law enforcement officers moved in and made the arrests.

In addition to Livermore, the others arrested and charged are Phillip Gerstner, 30, Jerome Idaho; Carlos Valenzuela Nunez, 30, Enterprise; Floyd Jennings, 71, St. George; and James Garrelts, 53, Cedar City; all conspiracy to commit child rape; and Trevor Bodily, 31, Clearfield, attempt to commit child sodomy, attempt to commit child rape and failure to stop at command of officers. A seventh man was later arrrested–Eugene H. Alvarado, 46, Sunnyvale, Calif. He has been charged with attempted child rape, attempted aggravated kidnapping and dealing harmful materials to minors.

The investigation into these cases is continuing.

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