SUU, Bryce Canyon continue educational alliance

CEDAR CITY— Southern Utah University has resigned its Alliance for Education agreement with Bryce Canyon National Park. SUU President Scott L Wyatt and Bryce Canyon Superintendent Linda Mazzu met at Sunrise Point to renew the cooperative and mutually-beneficial partnership.

“I can’t imagine a closer relationship between a national park and a university than what we have with Bryce Canyon,” said Wyatt in a release. “The renewal of our Alliance for Education agreement helps us provide hundreds of paid internships for students every year–doing such things as scientific research, trail maintenance, communication, and accounting. There are possibilities for students of every major.”

For over 10 years, SUU has referred to Bryce Canyon National Park as its east campus. Through the alliance the two organizations have conducted research, created transformational learning programs and engaged students through conservation crews and internships.

“The alliance has welcomed classes from across campus, hosted the Wilderness First Responder for 10 years, and it has gotten students involved with research in a number of different projects, including geology, archeology and recreation visitor use,” said Director of Outdoor Engagement, Briget Eastep. “Every five years we renew the alliance, and this year there was really a sense of partnership and hope for the future.”

This alliance is to further the relationship and missions of both entities in serving the region by protecting park resources and providing enhanced visitor opportunities while educating students about park resources. The high-impact experiential learning opportunities are numerous and include internships, joint research, field trips, advocacy training and wilderness experience.

“Public lands are extremely important in the west, and we get to be in the heart of all that our lands have to offer,” said Wyatt.



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