Sub-machine guns declared surplus by CCPD

By Kelsey Keener

Iron County Today

CEDAR CITY–Chief Darin Adams of the Cedar City Police Department addressed the Cedar City Council during last week’s meeting to discuss the declaration of two Thompson .45-caliber sub-machine guns as surplus.


Chief Adams said the department has had the guns for a long time and that they are of no use to the department. Declaring these guns as surplus property will allow them to be sold, and the department intends to use the money for evidence improvement needs, which were not evident when the department’s budget was submitted.


“We would like to use this money and look at upgrading some technology, so things like hardware, software, scanning devices,” Chief Adams said. “We’re also looking at beefing up the security on some electric blocks.”


One of these guns was acquired by the department in 1957 when the previous owner surrendered it. This gun is transferable, which means it can be sold to a Class III Firearms Dealer who can sell it to a qualified citizen. The department has obtained a bid of $18,300 for this gun.


The second gun was obtained by the department in 1984 when Parowan Police Chief Wayne Townsend traded it with then Cedar City Police Chief for a Remington .308 rifle with scope. As this firearm is nontransferable, it can only be sold to a Class III Firearms Dealer who then can only sell it to another Class III dealer or law enforcement agency. The bid for this gun is $7,100.


Chief Adams said the Cedar City Police Department would benefit from selling these guns more than the guns themselves, which is why he recommends declaring them surplus property.


“These guns provide no practical application to our current law enforcement efforts, and the department and city would benefit much more from the financial gain from the sale of both firearms,” he said.

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