Sheriff’s Department cracking down on illegal dumping and sign shooting

By Kelsey Keener


CEDAR CITY–The Iron County Sheriff’s Department is implementing new measures to apprehend people who dump trash illegally and shoot signs.


The Sheriff’s Department is expressing concern over the amount of trash that gets illegally dumped onto both private property and public land. Sheriff Mark Gower says this offense negatively impacts the county’s wilderness and recreational areas.


“Some people are dumping some pretty serious stuff out there that never decomposes, never go away,” he said. “It’s tires and appliances, tile, batteries, things like that, that just are bad for the environment and turns our wilderness areas out here into junkyards.”


Lieutenant Del Schlosser added that when trash is dumped outside of the landfill, it is easily spread around the county.


“When you have a big pile of trash, at the landfill it’s pretty much contained,” he said. “But when you dump a pile of trash then the wind picks it up and spreads it everywhere.”


Gower said this a county-wide issue, and residents can help by reporting it if they see it.

“If they’re out and about and they see someone (dumping) illegally, report it so we can keep our county being nice,” he said. He added this offense is taken seriously by the department.


“We will prosecute you and hold you accountable for dumping on private or public land,” he said. “It needs to be taken to that landfill.”


A similar problem throughout the county is sign shooting, particularly in the Three Peaks Recreation Area.


“They’re not just your metal signs that tell you to stop, or there’s a turn, or the speed limit,” Gower said. “They’re shooting those up but they’re also shooting up the wood signs that are put in the recreation area, that are very expensive to make, they’re all made of wood, they’re painted up nicely, they’re engraved with trailhead markers and things like that.”


Gower said the department investigates sign shooting as well.


“Those are cases that we take very seriously,” he said. “Not only will they be prosecuted criminally, but they’ll be paying back what it costs to repair those signs and we will make an example of them.”


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