Scam targeting residential Rocky Mountain Power customers

By Kelsey Keener

Rocky Mountain Power is hoping to warn customers about an aggressive scam targeting residential customers.

The scam began last week, and reports indicate that calls are frequent and seem to target Spanish-speaking customers. The caller will frequently ask if the customer speaks Spanish before continuing the phone call. Over 200 calls have been reported during which the caller will claim that the customer’s bill is past due and threatens to turn off power unless payment is made with a prepaid credit card immediately.

The caller identification number of the scams is 888-221-7070 (also Rocky Mountain Power’s customer service number), but callback numbers provided by fraudulent callers also include: 385-393-6537; 385-289-3123; and 385-286-9146.

Rocky Mountain Power would like to remind customers of facts that can help prevent falling victim to these scams: the company will not ask for a credit card number or advice customers to purchase prepaid cards from a store; employees do not handle credit card payments directly, they are facilitated through a vendor; the company does not threaten customers with disconnection; and notices about past due bills are usually delivered through the mail or customers receive an automated phone message.

The company encourages customers to hang up and call the customer service number (1-888-221-7070) for any concerns about the legitimacy of calls.

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