Responsible Dog Ownership Day held in Cedar

By Kelsey Keener

CEDAR CITY–Members of Friends of Festival Country K-9s hosted the organization’s 7th Responsible Dog Ownership Day Saturday at the Canyon Park, East Side.

The event featured a dog costume contest, kid’s education program and several training demonstrations of different techniques such as off-leash training and clicker training. Local businesses also donated items that were raffled to raise money for features of the Enoch Dog Park that still need completed. Community members were invited to bring their dogs to learn about being a responsible dog owner, interact with other dog owners and give dogs an opportunity to socialize with other dogs and people.

Thomas and Laury Santos brought their dogs to see what training is available and have a chance to learn how their younger dogs react to different surroundings.

“I’m learning how my dogs react around other people and other dogs, which is a big thing for me personally,” Thomas Santos said.

Participants had access to information about the Enoch Dog Park as well as the needs of dogs and how to be a responsible dog owner. In addition to a pet safety handbook, participants were also given a coloring book for children that features activities to teach children safety around dogs. The provided information also included a bookmark listing a responsible dog owner checklist, including items like proper food, fresh water, veterinary care, exercise, grooming, training and proper identification.

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