Rental business procedures amended in Cedar City

By Kelsey Keener

Iron County Today

CEDAR CITY–City Attorney Tyler Romeril proposed an ordinance to amend the rental business license ordinance and application that the Cedar City Council voted on during last week’s meeting.

Romeril said there has recently been a lot of concern with parking in Cedar City, and this proposal is one of the city’s efforts to address one aspect of this issue.

The amendments to the business license application will require the applicant to disclose the address of the rental building, the total number of units, the number of bedrooms in each unit, the number of tenants, the number of parking spaces provided on the premises of the rental and whether or not the rental complies with the city’s ordinance. The goal is for applicants to be educated upfront on the requirements for their rental and to make enforcing these requirements and parking laws easier for the city.

“I believe there are parking issues dealing specifically with homes that are being rented out; they’re rented out to eight college kids and seven of them have cars and they’re parking in the street,” Romeril said. “The purpose of this change to the rental business license is so upfront, when the owner or the agent comes in, right then they’re educated on the requirements for a rental. The hope is that the education component and enforcement component gives the city a little better opportunity to control what’s happening on city streets.”

Currently, the ordinance states on the first violation, the rental business owner will receive a warning. For the second through fifth violations, the owner will receive a $250 fine. The sixth violation, and every one thereafter, will result in a $500 fine and the ability of the city to revoke or suspend the business license.

In a special action meeting following the work meeting, the Cedar City Council voted to approve the amendments to the rental business license ordinance and application, but with a change to the violation penalties stating every violation after the first warning will result in a $500 fine.

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