Primary election results in Iron County

R. Scott Phillips received 2,139 votes (37.17 percent) in the Cedar City council race

R. Scott Phillips leads Cedar City Council vote count with 37 percent of vote

With a turnout of just over 30 percent of registered voters, the Iron County primary elections held Tuesday advanced candidates in three communities and board members in Kanarraville into November’s general election.

In Cedar City, the race for two city council seats saw four finalists emerge from the primary. Leading the vote count was R. Scott Phillips with 2,139 votes (37.17 percent). Ron Adams received 1,218 votes (21.16 percent), Bruce S. Hughes garnered 1,133 votes (19.69 percent) and Rich Gillette got 560 votes (9.73 percent). Eliminated were Andrew McAffee with 394 votes, and Scott Johnson with 311 votes.

The race for Cedar Highlands mayor saw Steven C. Swann and Julie Brask advance to the general election. Swann received 39 votes, Brask got 15 votes. Eliminated were Ben Rich Jordan and Jim Hilton.

Preston Griffiths received 301 votes (44.07 percent) to lead the Parowan Mayoral race

In Parowan’s race for mayor, Preston B. Griffiths received 301 votes (44.07 percent) to lead the way. Donald G. Landes (149 votes, 21.82 percent) edged Steven Thayer (138 votes, 20.2 percent) for the second spot and will face Griffiths in November. Dennis G. Gaede received 95 votes (13.91 percent).

The Kanarraville Town Board race ended with John W. Batty earning 60 votes, or 26.2 percent of the votes cast. He was followed by Randy W. Williams (49 votes, 21.4 percent), Keith Williams (44 votes, 19.21 percent), Betty Ann Gould (40 votes, 17.47 percent) and Brandon Jonsson (36 votes, 15.72 percent).

These results are considered unofficial until the county completes a canvass later this month.

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