Parking issues discussed by Cedar City Council

By Kelsey Keener

CEDAR CITY–Several parking concerns were considered during last week’s Cedar City Council meeting when ordinance amendments and no parking zones were proposed.

In a previous city council meeting, residents Jackie Jackson and Judith Higbee expressed their concerns over an asphalt parking lot that was put in their residential neighborhood. In addition to privacy and traffic concerns, Jackson and Higbee are worried that this lot is intended to serve locations and businesses other than the Old Hospital. In order to address that concern, the residents met with City Attorney Tyler Romeril to come up with an amendment to Ordinance Chapter 26 that will only allow rear parking to serve the lot on which the parking is located. The amendment takes into consideration the rights of property owners and is written so that a homeowner may install parking for personal use but be restricted from installing parking that will serve an other location.

The proposed amendment is for Chapter 26, Article V, Section 21 titled Location of Parking Facilities and adds the following language to paragraph A: “Parking located in the R-1, R-2-1 and R-2-2 zones shall be permitted if the parking serves only the lot on which the parking facility is located.”

Due to the parking problems around SUU, city staff also proposed changes to the process of obtaining residential permit parking. Currently, there are seven steps to obtaining residential permit parking. Staff is recommending eliminating Step 3, provide a list of each tax parcel and the property owners within the proposed area, and Step 4, get a supplemental petition signed by 67 percent of the residents and property owners in the proposed area. Reasoning for the first elimination is that information is easily obtained online, and for the second elimination is that staff sees no reason to obtain a second petition (the first step is getting a petition signed by 60 percent of residents and/or property owners in the proposed area).

If the Council agrees with these changes, they would still have the option of increasing the first petition requirements from 60 percent to a higher percentage if they feel it is necessary.

No Parking zones were also proposed on DL Sargent Drive in front of the new Public Safety Building and in front of the new SUU Performance Center.

Council will vote on ordinance amendments and No Parking zones during tonight’s meeting.

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