New birthing suite offered at Cedar City Hospital

By Kelsey Keener

CEDAR CITY–The Cedar City Hospital now offers a birthing suite modeled to imitate the experience of a home-birth.

The hospital decided to implement this new suite in response to the desire to experience home-births as well as the shift in healthcare of patient-directed care, rather than doctors making all the decisions for patients. With an increase in high-deductible insurance plans and Health Savings Accounts, patients are paying for theirs in many ways. Becki Bronson, Communications and Public Relations Manager, said this means patients are more involved in making healthcare decisions.

“A patient’s becoming more informed and involved in what kind of care that they want and how much the care costs and how they want their care experience to be,” she said. “And that’s true with giving birth.”

Bronson said the desire for home-birth is common, but complications can occur without access to medical care.

“There is a good segment of the population that like the freedom and the natural experience of home-birth,” she said. “Once in a while, a complication can arise and not being close to medical help can prove a difficulty for some.”

The Simply Birth Suite was created in response to this.

“The Simply Birth Suite is a low-intervention birth suite,” Bronson said. “That means there’s no epidural, (and) there’s very little medical monitoring. It’s only for low-risk pregnancies.”

To add to the home-birth-like experience, the suite has been designed to imitate the atmosphere of a home.

“The suite has been designed like a bedroom,” Bronson said. “It’s beautiful, very tastefully designed; it’s a got a wonderful jetted tub; it’s a hospital queen-sized bed but a woman can give birth in it.”

Bronson added that because of the low medical intervention, there are lower medical costs required, but medical care is available if necessary.

“The cost is subsequently lower,” she said. “However, if a complication does arise, being in the hospital, all that is necessary to help is right there. So it’s the best of both worlds for someone who wants to give birth naturally, in a homelike environment, but make sure that there’s medical help nearby if needed.”

Bronson said the hospital wanted to be able to offer this type of birthing experience for women who wanted it.

“For some, they want it natural, they want to experience it … they want to be fully present and they want family with them to be fully present as they go through this life-changing experience,” she said. “Cedar City Hospital wants to support that experience for a woman in a safe environment.”

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