A message from the family of Heather Alvarado

The Cedar City Police Department issued this update about Heather Alvarado, who was among those killed in the Las Vegas shooting.

Due to the overwhelming response we have received for requests for more information regarding “the human side” of Heather Alvarado, her husband, Albert, has asked that we pass along the following:

Heather is 35 years old. They have three children. She always saw the good in others. She spent her whole life serving others in her family and community.

She and Albert loved traveling with their children and went on many trips, cruises and day trips–too many to mention. She was happiest when she was together with her family, especially her children and she would do ANYTHING for them. They appreciate your many words of kindness and concern.

They are still grieving and appreciate you honoring their request for privacy. As a reminder there are several on-going fundraising efforts. State Bank of Southern Utah has an account open in Heather’s name where 100 percent of the money will go to Albert and the family. The Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary is also selling cook books that they have made to help the family. They are available at the Fire Station located at 291 N 800 West in Cedar City.

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Kathy Leany

Our thoughts & prayers are with the Alvarado Family.
We are so sorry for your loss to such a senseless act that nobody will ever understand.
God Bless you
Kurtis & Kathy Leany @ Zion Photography

James Hill

My you gain a peace of such a loss of such a wonderful person. I will say that there are those like myself who are not even looking at why but want to be a support to those who suffered from the why. May God provide you with the peace that passes all understanding. Joshua 1:9

Marcia Pellegrino-Willis

We are Broken Hearted…It Grieves me so to have learned from my daughter a short time ago that the young mother of 3, Heather Alvarado, from Cedar City, Utah.wife of a firefighter, was among those killed in last weeks brutal Las Vegas shooting is one of our own… my daughter Marissa’s longtime, childhood best friend. Heather Warino; originally from Orange, CA . The girls met on her 1st day of middle school at age 12 and were inseparable from that day forward. Heather was a beloved and very welcomed fixture in our home and in our lives through the 90s. When the girls were not in my home, they were in the home of Heather’s family. Always smiling and upbeat…I once told Heather that she reminded me of the color Yellow, Sunshine and of actress Christina Applegate. (from the sitcom Married With Children). Heather was always a joy to have around…I cannot remember a time when she didn’t greet me with an enormous smile that lit up her entire face, revealing a gap between her otherwise perfect mouthful of big white teeth, full cheeks with dimples to die for and her big pale blue eyes that seemed to sparkle and dance with enthusiasm, sincerity and just a touch of mischief…Even now, with tears in my eyes and a heavy heart that memory of which, still brings a smile to my own face…
MJ shared with me yesterday that everyone loved Heather…Everyone! Her likability and kindness transcended all social barriers. Her intense love and loyalty of family and friends was predominant among her many wonderful characteristics. I was not surprised to learn that Heather died using her body as a shield to protect her 14 year old daughter from the ensuing gunfire of that tragic day in Las Vegas. Although I’ve lost many wonderful and cherished friends and family members through the years…I’ve only said this of one person in the past…and now of Heather I say the same…”The Pearly Gates Must Have Slammed Wide Open Upon Your Arrival to Heaven, Heather…For surely God knows whom he was calling home…As for us left behind here on earth, the Sun will never again shine so bright. You will be truly missed.

To all of Heathers family; Her husband Al, their three children, her mother Dolores, Her father Michael and to her siblings. We mourn and grieve with you (Marissa and I). You will
continue on in our thoughts and our prayers daily. God Bless and keep each and every one of you

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