Man struck and killed by debris during Brian Head reseeding

A 58-year-old man was killed on Saturday during the reseeding  of the Brian Head wildfire area. Deputies from the Iron County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call about an injured male in a remote location just above the Boy Scout camp off State Route 143. He has been identified as Bryan Burr of Alpine.

According to an ICSO release, “It was reported while the parties were conducting aerial drops of straw mulch on the Brian Head burn scar the chopper pilot witnessed a ground crew member who at the time was calling in the location of the drops had been struck by debris. The pilot contacted additional ground crews who called 911 for assistance.”

Brian Head Marshal Jeff Morgan responded to the landing zone and was airlifted to the site. Upon arrival at 1:478 p.m., Marshal Morgan determined the 58-year-old Alpine Utah man was deceased. Deputies from the Iron County Sheriff’s Office responded by ground arriving on scene at about 2:19 p.m. It was determined he likely died as a result of blunt force trauma from falling debris during the airdrop.

The Investigation was turned over to the National Transportation Safety Board officials and is ongoing.

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