Make Cedar Sparkle efforts continuing

By Kelsey Keener

Iron County Today

CEDAR CITY–As part of the Make Cedar Sparkle campaign, residents gathered last Saturday to help clean up downtown Cedar City.

Community members and organizations arrived at the city offices early Saturday morning to help prepare curbs and gutters for painting, sweep, pull weeds and spruce up Historic Downtown Cedar City.

Scott Phillips, a member of the Historic Downtown Economic Committee, said this event was an opportunity for the committee to make progress in the way of rejuvenating historic downtown.

“We are looking for ways to revitalize and to make our Historic Downtown vibrant,” he said. “One of the things we can do right away to show a visible sign that we are doing (something) is to clean up downtown.”

Cedar City Councilman Craig Isom said Saturday’s cleanup effort was a good chance for people to team up.

“This is just an opportunity for community members to come together and do what a community does,” Isom said. “We have a lot of people that will be coming to visit our city, and in anticipation of that we wanted to get everything cleaned up and make it sparkle so that the community can be a showplace for people that are coming to visit.”

Members of the Youth City Council were also readily participating in the endeavor.

Jasie York said she wanted to help for the positive impact the campaign will have.

“I think it’s good that we’re cleaning our city and taking care of it and that we’re trying to make a difference for the better,” York said.

Jasmine Tapia said she was grateful for the opportunity to volunteer.

“I feel like anything to make the city beautiful or just to help people in general is a good thing and I aspire to do that for the rest of my life,” she said.


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