Fire department warns about starting fires, YVC present update at city council

Onjulee Pittser shakes hands with city council after receiving Employee of the Month for her work for the past year as executive assistant in the city offices.

By Holly Coombs

A fire department update, employee of the month and a Youth Volunteer Corp update were part of the last Cedar City Council meeting.

Jeremy Valgardson representing the EAC presented the Employee of the Month to Onjulee Pittser, Cedar City Corporation executive assistant.

Nominated by City Manager Paul Bittmenn and endorsed by City Attorney Tyler Romeril, Pittser was recommended for her positive energy and attitude.

“She is very proactive and eager to learn new things,” Valgardson said reading Bittmenn’s recommendation of Pittser. “There is no task she is not willing to tackle. She is very energetic and fun to work with and I’m glad she came to work with us.”

Cedar City Fire Marshal Mike Shurtz gave a fire department update and warned others of starting fires to burn weeds in the current dry and windy weather.

“Fire season is upon us,” Shurtz said. “We’ve had an especially busy five or six day, we’ve actually been busy a couple of weeks.”

He spoke of five human fires that were caused, with one starting on June 9. The North Grass Fire burned 500 acres near Pine Valley and the Cedar City Fire Department assisted, he said. The fire was human caused.

“We got a request to send Brush 11 to Mt. Air, New Mexico,” Shurtz said.

A fire after that happened off of 700 N. 800 West, which was also human caused. He warned that this is not the time to start fires because they go out of control.

Also at the meeting, the Elks gave an update of passing around flags and brought in a boy scout troop to conduct the pledge of allegiance.

The Youth Volunteer Council came and reported on many efforts they have made throughout the year and presented a check $82,000 to the city.

PHOTOS by Holly Coombs

YVC: The Youth Volunteer Council present a check to the city after all the projects they’d done over the past year.

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